Houses Through Time

A look at who lived in the houses in Norton in Hales. Just click on an address listed below to find out more.

  1. 1 Bellaport Lodge Farm, Bearstone Road
  2. 2 Bearstone Lodge Cottage, Bearstone Road
  3. 3 North Lodge, Bearstone Road
  4. 4 Bearstone Road (now demolished)
  5. 5 Yew Tree Farm/ Yew Tree House, Bearstone Road
  6. 6 Bearstone Road (now demolished)
  7. 7 Bearstone Road (now demolished)
  8. 8 Bearstone Road/ Rectory Stables/ Rectory Cottage
  9. Charn Cottage (now demolished)
  10. 9 Brook Farm, Mucklestone Road
  11. 10 Mucklestone Road/ Tern Cottages (now demolished)
  12. 11 Mucklestone Road/ Tern Cottages (now demolished)
  13. Church Lodge/ Rectory Lodge (now demolished)
  14. 12 Main Road/ Central View
  15. 13. The Rectory (now demolished)
  16. 14. Church Farm
  17. 15. Station House
  18. 16 Beswick Lane
  19. 17 Beswick Lane
  20. 18 Beswick Lane
  21. 19 Norton Villa, Beswick Lane
  22. 20 Station Road/ Butchers Shop
  23. 21 Station Road/ Terrace Cottages
  24. 22 Station Road/ Terrace Cottages
  25. 23 Main Road/ Hind Head
  26. 24 Main Road
  27. 25 Main Road
  28. 26 Main Road/ Talbot Beerhouse
  29. 27 Main Road/ Talbot House/ Talbot Cottage
  30. 28 Main Road
  31. 29 Main Road
  32. 30 Main Road/ Post Office
  33. 31 Main Road/ School Cottage (now demolished)
  34. 32 Main Road/ School House (now apart of the school)
  35. 33 Main Road
  36. 34 Main Road
  37. 35 Main Road (now demolished)
  38. 36 Main Road
  39. 37 Main Road/ Post Office/ The Forge
  40. 38 Main Road/ Back Lane
  41. 39 Main Road/ Back Lane
  42. 40 Oakley Forge
  43. 41 Oakley Forge
  44. 42 Oakley Forge
  45. Alver Bank
  46. 43 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  47. 44 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  48. 45 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  49. Laurel Cottage / 46 Drayton Road
  50. Rose Cottage/ Rose Villa/ 47 Drayton Road
  51. 48 Chapel Lane
  52. 49 Chapel Lane/ Chapel House
    1. Methodist Connections
  53. 50 Chapel Lane/ Bell Cottage
  54. 51 Main Road/ The Cottage
  55. 52 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  56. 53 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  57. 54 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  58. 55 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  59. 56 Main Road/ Tudor Cottage
  60. 57 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  61. 58 Main Road/ Drayton Road
  62. Norton Farm / 59 Drayton Road
  63. Lost or unattributed Houses

1 Bellaport Lodge Farm, Bearstone Road

Farmhouse 8 rooms listed in 1911

Richard Eardley was born in 1808 at Audlem, to Richard Eardley and Ann Mullock. In 1831, Richard married Ann Hayward at Mucklestone. By the 1841 census, Richard and Ann are living at Bellaport Lodge Farm with their two sons, John Richard and William, along with six servants. In 1843 Ann Eardley died. In 1845, Richard married Jane Vernon of Audlem. On the 1851 census, Richard, a farmer of 100 acres and his wife Jane are living with John Eardley (son), aged 19; Margaret Eardley (daughter), aged 1; May Hayward (niece), aged 17 and five servants. On the 1861 census, Richard, aged 53 and his wife Jane, aged 47 are living with; John Eardley, aged 29; William Eardley, aged 27; Richard Eardley, aged 14; Mary Eardley, aged 9; Jane Eardley and their six servants.

Richard Eardley’s Children

John Richard Eardley (1831-1909) see below
William Eardley (1834-1881) – was a timekeeper, he married Catherine Jones at Hanley in 1870 and moved to Birmingham.
Joseph Eardley (1837-1837)
Richard Vernon Eardley (1847-1912) – was a farmer, he married Sarah Abigail Jones and lived at Colehurst Manor.
Margaret Eardley (1850-1857)
Mary Eardley (1851-1922) – married Thomas Emberton, a dairy famer from Crewe.
Jane Eardley (1854 –

On the 17th July 1866, at Bellaport Lodge Farm, Mr Richard Eardley died aged 59. Following Richard’s death, Jane ran the farm at Norton and by 1881 she was a farmer at Moss Hall, Audlem. Jane died in 1900 aged 86.

In 1868 John Richard Eardley married Ellen Oakes at Stoke-on-Tern. On the 1871 census John Richard and Ellen are living Tushingham as farmers. In 1878 Ellen died aged 57. On the 1881 census John Richard, aged 50, a widower, is now living at Bellaport Lodge Farm, farming 123 acres. Living with him is Clementina Morris aged 28, housekeeper; a housemaid and two farm servants. Two years later in 1883 John Richard Eardley married Clementina Morris, third daughter of James Morris, Top of the Town, Broomhall.

John Richard and Clementina’s Children

John Richard Eardley (1883-1964)
William Morris Eardley (1888-1953)
Thomas Oscar Eardley (1889-1984)

In 1909, John Richard Eardley died aged 77. Sometime during the year 1930, Clementina Eardley retired from the farm and went to live with her sister, Elizabeth Latham, at Dovedale. She died in 1940 aged 87.

1939 – William Morris Eardley, Dairy Farmer; Agnes E Eardley

2 Bearstone Lodge Cottage, Bearstone Road

5 rooms listed in 1911

On the 1881 census listed are; James Eccleston, cowman farm servant, aged 30; his wife Elizabeth Eccleston, aged 28; step-son Samuel Harper, aged 5; son Thomas Eccleston, aged 10 months.

George Morrey was born 1861 at Buerton to Mary Morrey, he married Ann, who was born in 1851 at Stoke-on-Tern.

On the 1891 census listed are; George Morrey, agricultural labourer, aged 30; his wife Ann Morrey, aged 38; son George W Morrey, aged 8; son Frank Morrey, aged 7; daughter Agnes Morrey, aged 5 and son Herbert Morrey, aged 9 months.

On the 1901 census listed are; George Morrey, agricultural labourer, aged 40; his wife Ann Morrey, aged 50; daughter Agnes Morrey, aged 14 and son Herbert Morrey, aged 10.

In 1910 George Morrey died aged 49, he was buried on 26 January 1910 at Norton-in-Hales.

Joseph Batho born 1877 at Knutton to William and Sarah Batho. In 1900 Joseph married Annie Morrey. Annie Morrey born 1877 at Winnington to John and Emma Morrey. Joseph’s parents lived at

On the 1911 census listed are; Joseph Batho, labourer on farm, aged 34; his wife Annie Batho, aged 34; son Joseph Batho, aged 8 and daughter Violet Annie Batho, aged 1 month.

1939 – Alfred Steele, Stockman on Farm; Mary Steele

3 North Lodge, Bearstone Road

3 rooms listed in 1911

On the 1827 sale details it was occupied by John Thorpe. Early records suggest that North Lodge was the name for a group of three cottages.

1901 – Eliza Halfpenny, Charwoman. Eliza had moved from Beswick Lane. Eliza died in 1916.

On the 1911 census listed are Clara Wade, widow, aged 53; son Frederick Wade, printer, aged 23 and daughter Harriett Annie Wade, domestic housemaid, aged 21.

By 1914 Clara had remarried and the family left Norton-in-Hales.

A native of Clun, Mr Richard Chelmick served in the First World War and was mentioned in despatches. In 1914 he married Miss May Dobson of Rigwardine and in 1924 went to live in Norton-in-Hales where he was in business as a builder and joiner until ill-health neccessitated his retirement in 1959. The business was then carried on by his son Douglas Chelmick. Richard Chelmick was a regular worshipper at St Chad’s Church, was a special constable in the Second World War and was Secretary of the Voluntary Hospital Association before the advent of the National Health Service. He was a member of the Parish Council and served on the Board of School Managers. A keen bee-keeper, he took many prizes at Shrewsbury and other local shows.

1939 – Richard Chelmick, Carpenter & Joiner; May Chelmick and Douglas Chelmick.

By instruction from Mrs M Chelmick. A delightful small country residence. North Lodge. Norton-in-Hales. Market Drayton. Admirably situated on the edge of this pleasant village, some 3 miles from Market Drayton and within easy reach of the Potteries (12 miles) Crewe and Nantwich. The house is most attractively built of stone and brick presenting a pleasing elevation in its own neat garden surroundings. It affords accommodation of stone porch entrance lobby, three reception rooms, kitchen, scullery and two bedrooms, extensive and useful outbuildings includes washhouse, fuel store, greenhouse with vine and potting shed. Excellent timber garage. Fine ornamental garden with productive fruit and vegetable garden to the rear the whole extending to about one quarter acre. Main water and electricity. Freehold. 1964.

4 Bearstone Road (now demolished)

4 rooms listed in 1911

1911 – Miss Eliza Fryett aged 69, retired housekeeper

1921 – Rebecca Crutchley aged 83; son John Crutchley, 55; daughter Ellen Crutchley, 57; daughter Annie Crutchley, 50, dressmaker and granddaughter Hannah Crutchley, 17.

5 Yew Tree Farm/ Yew Tree House, Bearstone Road

Was rebuilt in 1896, had 10 rooms listed in 1911

1876 – Miss Weaving

Ladies' School. Yew Tree House, Norton-in-Hales. Miss Weaving begs to announce that her school will open on the 24th inst 1876.

John Wainwright was born 1844 at Muckleston to Samuel and Penelope Wainwright. In 1868 John Wainwright married Elizabeth Holman of Devon. John’s parents lived at the Rectory Stable Yard and his brother, James Wainwright at number 45.

Children of John and Elizabeth Wainwright
John Wainwright (1870-1950)
Jessie Elizabeth Wainwright (1872-1934)
Hubert Wainwright (1873-1942) – Yew Tree Farm, Aston
Arthur Wainwright (1875-1952) – was a farmer at Odd Rode since 1905
Sidney Wainwright (1877- ) – farmer

On the 1881 census listed are; John Wainwright, farmer of 40 acres, aged 37; his wife Elizabeth Wainwright, aged 40; son John Wainwright, aged 11; daughter Jessie Elizabeth, aged 9; son Hubert Wainwright, aged 8; son Arthur Wainwright, aged 6; son Sidney Wainwright, aged 3 and general domestic servant Hannah Adams, aged 16.

On the 1891 census listed are; John Wainwright, farmer, aged 49; his wife Elizabeth Wainwright, aged 50; son Hubert Wainwright, farmer’s son assisting, aged 18; son Arthur Wainwright, aged 16 and domestic servant Rose Holding aged 14.

Elizabeth Wainwright died in 1913.

John Wainwright (83), a retired gardener of Norton-in-Hales, near Market Drayton died suddenly, it is thought, from heat. 1926

John and Elizabeth Wainwright are both buried at the remote cemetery, in Norton-in-Hales.

1899 – Emma Bailey Casewell and Thomas Casewell b.1837, farmer. Before coming to Norton, he lived for many years at Kenstone, near Hodnet. Thomas Casewell died in 1899 in the barn at Yew Tree Farm, he is buried at the remote cemetery at Norton-in-Hales. Following her husband’s death Emma went to live with her sister in Wollerton, Hodnet, she later died in 1907 aged 69.

1901 – Charles Vickers, Farmer and Wesleyan Preacher.

By 1909, Sarah Barker nee Keay, widower had moved from Chapel Lane to Yew Tree Farm. On the 1911 census Sarah is listed as a dairy farmer, aged 61. May Barker, daughter aged 32.

On 10 February 1928, Sarah Barker died at her son’s home The The Vicarage, Newton, Shropshire, aged 78.

On Tuesday afternoon the funeral took place at the Parish Church of Mrs Sarah Barker, relict of Mr George Barker, formerly clerk to the Parish Council and assistant overseer of the parish of Norton-in-Hales, who died in August 1900. The deceased lady passed peacefully away on Saturday at the Vicarage, Newtown, near Wem, where her son is the vicar, at the advanced age of 78 years. At 2:30pm the cortege reached the village, where a number of parishioners followed the body into the church. Here it was met by the Rev D Roberts, who conducted the service.

Wanted, situation as working housekeeper, to gentleman or lady and gentleman; undertaking all duties; highest references - Address A., Yew Tree House, Norton-in-Hales. 1915

1916 – Ann Bennion/ Benton

1921 – Edward Ryley Davies of Market Drayton, aged 40, dairy farmer; Lilian Davies, wife aged 33; Mona Capper, niece, orphan, aged 13; Ernest Buckley, potter’s turner, boarder aged 30; Florence May Buckley, boarder, aged 29; Leonard Buckley, boarder, aged 11 months.

Residence and buildings and 18 acres of good land in the village of Norton-in-Hales, three miles from Market Drayton, known as Yew Tree Farm, now in the occupation of Mr E Riley Davies (the owner). The House, which was built in 1896, is well arranged and in good structural condition. It contains a wide entrance hall, spacious dining and sitting rooms, kitchen with cooking range, scullery also with range, sink, soft water pump, large coal house, dairy and pantry, five bed and dressing rooms, back staircase and landing. There is a small covered yard with pump and excellent supply of good water. The outbuildings, which enclose a yard, are also modern and substantially built. They include coach house or garage, two-stall stable, nine-tying cow house with fodder bing and root house, three good loose boxes, fowl house and cart shed with granary over and three good pig styles. 1927
Yew Tree Farm, a modern residence having 18 acres of land in the village of Norton-in-Hales, near Market Drayton, in the occupation of Mr E. Riley Davies, was sold to Mr H Chesworth Hanmer, Whitchurch, Salop. 1927

1939 – William S Furnival, Diary Farmer; Mary A Furnival

1948 – Mr and Mrs Wilkins, occupy rooms at Yew Tree House.

Airlift flier dies - Flight - Lieutt G. J. Wilkins, 26 year old navigator, of Yew Tree Farm, Norton-in-Hales, Shropshire, injured in an air-lift crash near Lubeck, on 17 Nov 1948, the most cordial message between East and West in Germany was revealed in Berlin. He was rushed to the Russian hospital at Schonefeld and the Russians did everything they could for him.

1949 – Frances M Williamson

Many friends joined with relatives in a last tribute of respect at the funeral of Mrs Mary Alice Furnival of Yew Tree House, Norton-in-Hales. Aged 73, she was the widow of Mr W. S. Furnival and was an enthusiastic member of the local Mother's Union. 1951
Thursday, April 24th 1952 - Important sale of pigs, poultry and farming stock. Also the whole of the household furniture at Yew Tree Villa, Norton-in-Hales, for Mrs Williamson.
Yew Tree House, Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton. Comprising a most attractive house in excellent order throughout, delightfully situated and containing entrance hall, two reception rooms, living room, kitchen, four excellent bedrooms, two bathrooms, domestic out-offices. Comprehensive farm buildings with separate entrance forming - tying for 10 cattle, loose boxes, farrowing boxes and piggery, excellent lofting, two-bay Dutch barn, garage. Delightful garden and grounds together with 5 acres (or thereabouts) of rich pasture land. 1963
Yew Tree House, Bearstone Road, Norton-in-Hales, Nr. Market Drayton. Exceptionally well appointed detached former farmhouse comprehensively modernised, yet retaining its true character. In delightful village setting with panoramic views over open countryside. Oil central heating. Entrance hall, inner hall, cloackroom, lounge, morning room, dinning room, study, kitchen, utility, master bedroom with en-suite shower room, three further bedrooms, bathroom. Gardens of 1/2 acre, parking spae, double garage. 1989

6 Bearstone Road (now demolished)

3 rooms listed in 1911 for no.6

1911 – William Hassall aged 45, Timber Faller.

1939 – James Hodgkiss, Waggoner on farm; Elizabeth Hodgkiss

Was one of two cottages vertical to the road, since replaced with a bungalow

7 Bearstone Road (now demolished)

4 rooms listed in 1911

1911 – 1911 Charles Edward Mitchell aged 42, waggoner on farm.

1939 – Frank Hand, General Labourer for Public Works Contractor; Mary Hand

1949 – Frank and Mary Hand

Was one of two cottages vertical to the road, since replaced with a bungalow

8 Bearstone Road/ Rectory Stables/ Rectory Cottage

4 rooms listed in 1911

1911 – John Holmes aged 40, domestic gardener

1939 – Esther Willington and Agnes Millington

Was let as a builder’s yard until 1971.

This building was demolished and replaced with ‘Giulivern’

Charn Cottage (now demolished)

1933: Mr. & Mrs. F. Bloor left after being there a good number of years.  Afterwards, Mr. & Mrs. P. Lainton arrived. There is not much left of the old stone cottage by the River Tern.

9 Brook Farm, Mucklestone Road

Farmhouse 8 rooms listed in 1911

John Keay born 1810 at Oakley, he was a farmer and shoemaker at Betton. In 1837, John married Sarah Simon born 1815 at Market Drayton, they then moved to Brook Farm.

Children of John and Sarah
George Keay (1837-1892) – in 1863 at Norton-in-Hales he married Jane Beeston
Frederick Keay (1840- )
Thomas Keay (1841-1886) – was the licensed victualler of the Chetwode Arms
Mary Keay (1843- )
Edwin Keay (1844- )
Ann Elizabeth Keay (1848- )
Sarah Keay (1850-1928) – married George Barker
Martha Keay (1853-1914) – in 1876 she married George Bruckshaw
William Henry Keay (1855-1921)

John Keay died in 1871 aged 61. Sarah continued to live a Brook Farm with her sons. In 1887, Sarah Keay died aged 73.

In 1884, William Henry Keay first married Mary Green and by 1891 William Henry Keay was the head of the household.

Children of William and Mary
John Henry Keay (1886-1956) – was a telegraph messenger.
Amy Keay (1888-1968) – was a nursery governess, in 1920 she married Robert Missett.
Frederick William Keay (1890- )
Mary Keay (1893-1894)

On 25th May 1893 Mary Keay was buried at Norton-in-Hales cemetery. In 1895, William Henry Keay married Elizabeth Light. Elizabeth born 1860 at Millbrook, Hampshire to Henry John and Elizabeth Light. In 1891, Elizabeth was a children’s nurse at the Rectory.

Children of William and Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Keay (1895-1983) – in 1921 she married John Bertram Street
Edwin George Keay (1896-1988) – in 1924 he married Mona Eileen Chadwick
Herbert Roland Keay (1899- ) – served as a gunner in WWI, in 1926 he married Phyllis Nellie Chadwick, was the booking clerk ay Norton-in-Hales, then Deputy Controller at Lime Street Station, Liverpool. He retired in 1959 and moved to New Zealand.

Following William’s death in 1921, Frederick William Keay was running the farm. In 1922 Elizabeth Keay died, the farm was then sold and went out of the Keay family.

The Brook Farm, Norton-in-Hales. Three miles from Market Drayton. Containing 25.5 acres of valuable land and excellent house and buildings. 26 August 1922.
Property Sale - On Wednesday there was a large attendance at the Corbet Arms Hotel, where Messrs. Green and Pearce offered the following properties by auction and every lot changed hands. Brook Farm, Norton-in-Hales, 25 acres was sold to Mr Steel for £2,100, with £30 extra for timber. 16th Sept 1922.
At Market Drayton yesterday afternoon a dairy farm, know as the Brook Farm, Norton-in-Hales, of about 25.5 acres, was sold by Messrs Henry Manley and Sons, Crewe to Mr Carter, Northwich, for £2,315. 17th September 1925.

1939 – James Lunt, Dairy Farmer; Doris Lunt

Noden Family

Brook Farm, Norton in Hales. Comprising a small residence of "half timbered" character, useful farm buildings, productive pasture land. About 14.5 acres of which part has definite possibilities for future development, if desired. Fishing in River Tern, main electricity and water. 1966

Rudd Family 1967

Norton-in-Hales lost a well know personality by the death in hospital at the age of 81 of Mrs Amy Missett nee Keay, of Linley, Norton-in-Hales. Born at Brook Farm, Norton-in-Hales, Mrs Missett lived there until her marriage to Mr Robert Missett, who died in 1966. After first living in Market Drayton and then at Newport, finally returned to Norton-in-Hales in 1962. In her younger days she was a Sunday School teacher and a member of the St Chad's Church choir, Norton-in-Hales. A founder member and secretary of the local Women's Institute, she was also a member of Market Drayton Gold Club. The funeral service was at St Chad's Church on Wednesday last week and was followed by interment at Norton-in-Hales Cemetery. 6th December 1968.

Bourne family

10 Mucklestone Road/ Tern Cottages (now demolished)

4 rooms listed in 1911

Replaced by bungalow, 7 Church Meadows.

Henry Sutton born 1825, was listed on the 1851 census working for the Eardley family at Bellaport Lodge Farm. By 1853, Henry had married Mary and were living at 10 Mucklestone Road when their daughter Harriet Rider Sutton was born.

Children of Henry and Mary Sutton

Harriet Rider Sutton (1853-1920)
Mary Ann Sutton (1855- )
Betsey Sutton (1857- )
Henry Sutton (1859- )
Sarah Sutton (1860- )
Louisa Sutton (1863- )
George Sutton (1870- )

In 1875, Harriet Rider Sutton married Joseph Morrey. Joseph Morrey was born in 1850 at Buerton, as a small child he lived with his grandparents Thomas and Mary Morrey, Chapel Lane, Buerton. By 1881, they are living at 10 Mucklestone Road, with their family.

Children of Joseph and Harriet Morrey

Kate Morrey (1876-1950) – was a bar maid at the Griffin Arms Inn/ Hinds Head Inn, she is listed there on the 1891, 1901 and 1911 census. In 1915 she married Thomas Johnson.
Charlie Morrey (1878- ) – married Elizabeth Morrey of Buerton.
Harry Morrey (1880- )
Joseph Albert Morrey (1881-1964) – see 11 Mucklestone Road.
Frances Mary Morrey (1885-1955) – was a servant at the Hinds Head Inn, she married Herbert Harrison in 1907, they were living at Oakley by 1939.

In 1891 Joseph Morrey died aged 40. Then in 1900, Harriet marries Charles Harrison of Napley Heath.

On the 1901 census listed are; Harriet Harrison, aged 46; Charles Harrison (husband), gas stoker, aged 35 and Harriet’s father, Henry Sutton, aged 78.

On the 1911 census listed are; Harriet Harrison, midwife, aged 55; Charles Harrison (husband), gas stoker, aged 45; Herbert Harrison (cousin), farm labourer, aged 27; Frances Harrison (Harriet’s daughter), aged 20; Sydney Morrey (Harriet’s grandson), aged 5; Kath Lee Harrison (Harriet’s grandson), aged 3 and Arthur Harrison (Harriet’s grandson) aged 3 months.

1920 Midwives Roll - Harriet Rider Harrison, 10 Mucklestone Road, Norton in Hales. Date of enrolment: 27 April 1905. Qualification: In practice, July 1901.

In 1920, Harriet died at home, aged 67.

In 1920 Hannah Bloor nee Young, born 1887 at Whitchurch, moved into to 10 Mucklestone Road. Listed on the 1921 census; Hannah Bloor, widow, aged 34; Edith Bloor, daughter, aged 8; Ida Bloor, daughter, aged 5 and Dorothy Bloor, daughter aged 3. In 1911 Hannah Young married George William Bloor of Charn Cottage, son of George and Annie Batho. George William was killed in action during the France–Flanders campaign on 23rd November 1917, aged 25.

Children of George William and Hannah

George James Minshall Bloor (1912-1913)
Edith Nellie Bloor (1913-2004)
Ida Mary Bloor (1915-1942)
Dorothy Ellen Bloor (1917-2010)

1939 – Hannah Bloor is living with Edith Bloor (daughter) and George Bloor (father-in-law).

George Bloor senior died in 1950 aged 78.

Mrs Hannah Bloor died at home in 1956, aged 69. She was the widow of George William Bloor who was killed in action in the First World War.

Many friends joined with relatives in a last tribute of respect at the funeral of Mr Frederick William Shaw of 10 Mucklestone Road, Norton-in-Hales, who died at the age of 43. Frederick was employed as a milk lorry driver for 14 years by Messrs Critchlow and for the past four years by Mr R Leigh, of Loggerheads. He leaves a widow and two young children. 1957

11 Mucklestone Road/ Tern Cottages (now demolished)

3 rooms listed in 1911. Was replaced by a bungalow, 8 Church Meadows

In 1881 John Brien/Brian/O’Bryan, born 1805 in London, a retired solider on a pension and his wife Maria, born 1816 in Sussex were living at number 11. In October 1888, John died aged 83. In 1891, Maria a widower aged 75 is living here on her own means. By 1901, Maria is living with the Keay family at Brook Farm as a boarder. In 1912, Maria died aged 96.

William Batho junior born 1872 at Woolston, Shropshire to William and Sarah Batho. In 1900, William married Mary Elizabeth Sproston at Mucklestone. Their first two children were born in Norton-in-Hales.

Children of William and Mary
Margaret Batho (1901-1981) – was a milliners shop assistant, lived in Norton-in-Hales in 1939.
Thomas Batho (1903-1996) – in 1932 he married Florence Yates, they lived in Norton-in-Hales in 1939.
Edith Batho (1907-1958)
Ethel Batho (1909- 1985) – in 1932 she married Charles F Fennell, was a shop keeper and saleswomen sweet & tobacco at 6 & 8 Queen Street, Market Drayton.

On the 1901 census listed are; William Batho junior, aged 29; his wife Mary E Batho, aged 24 and daughter Margaret Batho, 3 weeks old.

By 1911, the family had moved to Oakley Hall Farm. In 1939, Mary E Batho was residing at 2 Council Cottages, Mucklestone Road, Norton-in-Hales.

Joseph Albert Morrey, born 1881 at 10 Mucklestone Road, Norton-in-Hales to Joseph Morrey and Harriet Rider Sutton. on 23 December 1906, Joseph married Alice May Caunt (born 1885 in Mansfield, Nottingham and came to work in Mucklestone), at St Chad’s Church. By 1911, Joseph Albert Morrey and Alice Morrey were living at 11 Mucklestone Road with their adopted son James Albert Morrey, aged 3. Joseph had been a general agricultural labourer for 65 years, for over 50 years he worked at Norton Farm for Mr Crewe. At the turn of the century he was conscripted into the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry and served in the Boer War attaining the rank of sergeant.

Long Farm Service - Believed to be the longest serving farm worker in Shropshire, Mr Joseph Albert Morrey, of Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton, is one of eight agricultural workers who will receive Royal Agricultural Society long service awards at the West Midland show, at Shrewsbury on May 18th and 19th. Mr Morrey has worked on the land for 65 years. 1960

On 21 July 1964, Joseph Albert Morrey died, aged 81, three months later on 3 October 1964, Alice May Morrey died aged 79.

Church Lodge/ Rectory Lodge (now demolished)

1852 – Rev. Frederick Silver paid a doctor to visit the village, to attend to the ailments of the villagers free of charge, the lodge at the entrance to the Rectory grounds was converted into a surgery for this purpose.

During WWII, the home guard met at the Lodge.

12 Main Road/ Central View

On the 1827 sale records of the Norton and Bellaport estates, the house, smiths’ shop and garden, was occupied by widow Clarke.

Blacksmith’s Shop

Now known as ‘The Old Post Office’, and at times during the 1800’s it was called ‘The Villa’. It had 5 rooms listed in 1911.

George Bruckshaw born 1822 at Oakley to John Bruckshaw a farmer and blacksmith and Ann Wilkes of Oakley. In 1847 aged 25 George married Harriet Wakeford at Mucklestone and moved to Norton-in-Hales. In 1848 their first son John Bruckshaw was born at Norton-in-Hales and by the 1851 census George aged 29 and Harriet aged 32 were living at number 12 with their sons John, George, William and two servants.

Children of George and Harriet Bruckshaw

John Bruckshaw (1848-1911) – was a blacksmith, he married Francis Goodburn in 1879 and stayed in Norton see number 37
George Bruckshaw (1849-1929) – was a blacksmith, he married Martha Keay in 1877
William Bruckshaw (1850-1852)
Mary Ann Bruckshaw (1852-1858)
Frederick Bruckshaw (1853-1921) – was a auctioneer, he married Sarah Roger in 1877 and moved to Wales
Alfred Bruckshaw (1855-1923) – was a gardener, he married Emma Wood in 1878 and moved to Eaton, Cheshire
Elizabeth Bruckshaw (1857-1880)
Harriet Bruckshaw (1859-1860)
Joseph Bruckshaw (1861-1878) – was found dead in the meadow
Christopher Charles Bruckshaw (1863-1923) – was a blacksmith, he married Alice Griffiths in 1899, Alice was the sister of Elizabeth Jones nee Griffiths who ran the Hinds Head with her husband John Bishop Jones. They moved to Blackbrook and later to Stapley.

In 1880 Harriet Bruckshaw died, she was buried on 11th December 1880 at the remote cemetery in Norton. George Bruckshaw then moved to number 37, with his son John and his family.

NORTON IN HALES - APARTMENTS (Sitting room and Two Bedrooms) TO LET - Apply, Mrs Geo Bruckshaw, Norton Villa, Norton in Hales, near Market Drayton. (1881)

On the 1881 census George Bruckshaw (junior), now 31 years old and his wife Martha Bruckshaw nee Keay 28 years old and their 8 month old daughter Sarah Ada Bruckshaw are the main residents of Norton Villa. George is a blacksmith, journeyman and farmer of 4 acres.

Children of George and Martha
Sarah Ada Bruckshaw (1881-1960)
George Wilmot Bruckshaw (1885-1959) – was a blacksmith, he married Agnes Garratt in 1908

Blacksmith wanted, a good shoeing and jobbing hand - apply, Geo Bruckshaw, Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton. 1894

On the 1901 census the Bruckshaw family are still residents, the house is now called ‘Blacksmiths Shop’ opposite Hinds Head. On the 1911 census George Bruckshaw blacksmith aged 61, Martha wife aged 58, Ada Bruckshaw daughter aged 30, George Wilmot Bruckshaw son, blacksmith aged 26, Agnes Bruckshaw daughter in law, aged 35, Barbara Bruckshaw granddaughter aged 8 months, Edgar Walker a blacksmith apprentice aged 17, Emily Simpson a general servant aged 15 years.

Martha Bruckshaw died in 1914. At some point following her death George Bruckshaw and his daughter Sarah Ada move to number 33 and then into their newly built home Alver Bank.

George Wilmot Bruckshaw and his family remained at 12 Main Road. On the 1921 census listed are Wilmot Bruckshaw, aged 36, blacsmith; Agnes Bruckshaw, wife, aged 43, home duties; Barbara Bruckshaw, daughter, aged 10 and visitors; John Bennett aged 52, building contractor and Mary Bennet aged 30.

1934 trade directory lists George Wilmot Bruckshaw as a Blacksmith at Norton in Hales.

By the 1939 census George W Bruckshaw has retired and moved from Norton to Market Drayton at Grotto Road.

Living at 12 Main Road (shop and smithy) by 1939 is James Ransford b 1904, a master blacksmith, his father Thomas Ransford b1872 a blacksmith, his mother Florence b.1874 a shopkeeper (general stores)

13. The Rectory (now demolished)

14 rooms listed in 1911. The new rectory was built in 1965 and in 1981 the two livings of Woore and Norton-in-Hales were made into one.

14. Church Farm

Farmhouse 9 rooms listed in 1911

The earliest known occupant I have found for Church Farm with a record linking them to the farm is George Jones b.1794 Tibberton, Shropshire. His name is documented in the records of Norton in Hales from 1830’s. In 1827 when the Advowson of the Rectory of Norton, farms and other buildings (upwards of 1,750 acres) was sold, Church Farm was rented by Richard Simpson who rented a lot of land across Norton.

George Jones, a widower and Sarah Leighton of Mucklestone were married on 27th May 1841 at Market Drayton. George’s son, John Jones was 13 years old.

Children of John and Sarah
John Jones (1828-1907) – continued farming at Church Farm.
Richard Jones (1842-)
Clara A Jones (1845-1905) – married William Peake and moved to Findern, Derbyshire
Betsey Jones (1848- )
George Jones (1850- )
Emily S Jones (1853- )

On the 1841 census listed are; George Jones, farmer, aged 40; his wife Sarah Jones, aged 35; son John Jones, aged 8; servant Mary Dunn, aged 16 and servant Joseph Clark, aged 40.

Also living nearby in Norton in Hales was George’s brother Richard Jones b.1797 at Tibberton, Shropshire, his mother Sarah Jones b.1767 and older sister Elizabeth Jones b.1791.

On the 1851 census listed are George Jones, a Farmer of over 100 acres, employing labourers, aged 51; his wife Sarah Jones, aged 41; son Richard Jones, aged 8; servant John Eley, aged 20; servant George Morrey, Waggoner, aged 17 and house servant Jane Hammersmith, aged 14.

On the 1861 census listed are George Jones, farmer of 72 acres, one labourer, aged 61; his wife Sarah Jones, aged 53; son Richard Jones, aged 18; daughter Clara Ann Jones, aged 16; daughter Betsey Jones, aged 13; son George Jones, aged 11 and cowman Henry Allman, aged 20.

On 28th March 1862, John Jones married Eliza Hitchen Morris at St Chad’s Church, Norton-in-Hales. Eliza was the daughter of Richard Robert Morris and Hannah Hitchen. Since 1851 the Morris family lived in Norton residing at the Talbot Beerhouse.

George Jones died on 27th November 1869, aged 75. Following George’s death, Sarah Jones and her children Richard Jones, Betsey Jones and George Jones, left Norton-in-Hales to a farm in Draycott-in-the-Moors.

Children of John and Eliza
John Richard Morris Jones (1868-1951) – was a farmer in Zimbabwe.
Albert William Jones (1871-1933)

Apprentice wanted to place a respectable youth, just left school, age 16, where he will be thoroughly taught the grocery or ironmongery business – apply Mr Jones, Church Farm, Norton-in-Hales, near Market Drayton, Salop. 17 December 1887.

In 1907 both John and Eliza Jones died, John on 16th February 1907, aged 79. Eliza was buried on 25th March 1907, she was also 79 years old.

Probate - John Jones of Church-farm Norton-in-Hales near Market Drayton Shropshire died 16th February 1907. Administration London 9th March to Albert William Jones farmer. Effects £2205 4s 5d.

Albert William Jones was still living with his parents before they died and following their deaths he took over Church Farm. In 1912 aged 41, he married Alice Goodwin of Whitchurch. Alice was born in 1878 at Audlem to Thomas Henry Goodwin and Ann Goodwin.

Children of Albert William and Alice
Arthur John Jones (1913-1960)
Sydney Jones (1914-2005) – was a veterinary surgeon, later moved to New Zealand.
Richard Maurice Jones (1918-1919)
Winifred Mary Jones (1924-2020)

Albert William Jones of Church Farm Norton-in-Hales Shropshire died 31st October 1933. Probate London 12 January to Alice Jones widow and George Henry Goodwin farmer. Effects £6868 8s 11d.

By the 1939 census Alice Jones is living in Market Drayton with her daughter Winifred. Alice died in 1962 aged 83.

For Church Farm in 1939 the census lists Samuel and Clara Vernon (Noden) – Diary Farmers.
Samuel Corbet Vernon 1st Feb 1911 Dairy Farmer – Samuel was also the A.R.P Warden (Air Raid Precautions)
Clara Vernon 23rd Jan 1916 Unpaid domestic duties
Harry Holland 3rd March 1913 Erector of milking machines

Clara Vernon died in 1965.

Clara Vernon of Church Farm, Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton, Shropshire,  died 5 May 1965 at College Hill Nursing Home, Shrewsbury. Administration Chester 22 October to Samuel Corbet Vernon farmer and Margaret Ann Vernon spinster £8214.

Following Clara’s death Samuel moved to Small Bowling Green Farm, Peplow, Hodnet. He died in 1969.

1968 - Brick built 4 bedroom farmhouse with associated farm buildings and milking plant. Land amounting to 181.53 acres. 2 semi-detached 3 bedroom brick built farm cottages known as 21 and 22 Norton-in-Hales. Sold by Green and Pearce by instructions from Mr S C Vernon at The Corbet Arms Hotel, Market Drayton.

The next residents of Church Farm were Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Eardley until the 1990’s.

15. Station House

Built around 1871, it had 7 rooms listed in 1911

See Norton-in-Hales Railway

16 Beswick Lane

3 rooms listed in 1911, at some point number 16 & 17 joined to become Beswick House

James Halfpenny born 1831, on the 1861 census James is farm labourer in Norton for William and Elizabeth Furnival. On 29 Jan 1863 at Norton-in-Hales, James Halfpenny married Eliza Jones of Whitchurch. On the 1861 census, Eliza was working as a dairy maid for Thomas and Louisa Borne at Betton. On the 1871 census, James and Eliza are living in Penkhull, by 1876 the family were back living in Norton-in-Hales.

2nd Dec 1876 - Martha Evans and Eliza Halfpenny, both married women of Norton in Hales were charged by Mary Careless, wife of William Careless of Norton with stealing seven red cabbages.

Children of James and Eliza
John Halfpenny (1864-1918) – in 1885, he married Jane Beeston, living at the Talbot Beerhouse and then Cheswardine.
Mary Halfpenny (1869-1890)
James Halfpenny (1871- ) – in 1898, he married Sarah Clifford Dean at Norton-in-Hales. A year later he enlisted into the Army.
William Halfpenny (1874- ) in 1891, he enlisted into the Army.

On the 1881 census at 16 Beswick Lane the family are listed; James Halfpenny, agricultural labourer, aged 50; Eliza Halfpenny, wife, aged 45; Mary Halfpenny, aged 12; James Halfpenny, aged 10 and William Halfpenny, aged 7.

7th November 1885 - Protection order - Eliza Halfpenny of Norton-in-Hales, was granted an order to protect her earnings and property against James Halfpenny, who had deserted her.

In 1891 James Halfpenny died aged 60. By 1891 Eliza had left Beswick Lane and later moved to North Lodge.

1901 – By the 1901 census George and Mary Guilford are living here. In 1891, they were also living in Norton-in-Hales but it’s unclear if this is the same house. George Guilford was born between 1851 and 1857, in about 1880 George married Mary from Audlem. George Guilford is a farm labourer. On the census they are living with one of their daughters, May, aged 6. On the 1911 census the family of three are still living at number 16.

Children of George and Mary
Albert Guilford (1880- )
Lilian Guilford (1884- )
Ada Guilford (1886-1985) – lived at 48 Chapel Lane and later 17 Beswick Lane.
May Guilford (1895- )

By 1921 George and Mary have moved to 48 Chapel Lane.

1939 – Lilian Turner

1949 – Arthur and Sarah Silvester

17 Beswick Lane

3 rooms listed in 1911, at some point number 16 & 17 joined to become Beswick House

John Morrey born 1838 at Norton in Hales, the youngest son of Daniel Morrey, a labourer and Sarah Mason. On the 1841 census John is living in Norton-in-Hales with his parents and siblings; William, Thomas, George, Joseph and Mary. By the 1851 census John was working as a live-in servant at Bellaport Lodge Farm for Mr Richard Eardley. Ten years later he is still listed, working at Bellaport Lodge Farm. On 31st March 1864 at St Chad’s Church, Norton in Hales, John Morrey married Ann Edwards of Manchester.

By the 1871 census John and Ann Morrey are living at 17 Beswick Lane with six of their children.

Children of John and Ann Morrey

John Morrey (1860- ) – born at Tunstall, Staffordshire. By 1881 John is working as an indoor farm servant at Bellaport Lodge Farm for Edwin Eardley.
William George Morrey (1865- ) – born at Norton in Hales, was a railway porter at Norton in Hales. He married Harriet Grocott in 1888, they moved to Hanley, by 1911 William’s occupation is a railway passenger guard.
Alice Morrey (1866- ) – born at Norton in Hales, in 1881 Alice is working as a housemaid at Woore Hall.
Fanny Morrey (1868-1901) – born at Norton in Hales. She married Joseph Murrall of Audlem, in 1888 at St Chad’s Church Norton in Hales and lived at The Terrace Norton in Hales. Later they moved to Chesterton. Fanny died in 1901 aged 33.
George Morrey (1870- ) – born at Norton in Hales, a railway porter later moved to Drayton.
James Morrey (1871- ) – born at Norton in Hales, moved to Stoke, in 1911 his occupation was a grocers porter.
Henry Morrey (1874- ) – born at Norton in Hales, moved to Wolstanton.
Frederick Morrey (1878- ) -born at Norton in Hales. In 1898 Frederick married Annie Martin.

On the 1901 census, John Morrey, waggoner on farm aged 64, his wife Ann, aged 64 and granddaughter Edith Morrey, aged 12.

Ann Morrey died and was buried on 12 August 1910 at Norton’s cemetery, aged 71. Following Ann’s death Frederick took over the household with his father John living with them until his death in 1922 aged 84.

On the 1911 census Fred Morrey a farm waggoner, aged 33, his wife Annie Morrey aged 36, sons George aged 9, Harold aged 7 and daughter Annie Morrey aged 5. Also living with them is Fred’s father John Morrey aged 73.

Children of Frederick and Annie

John Morrey (1895-1917)
James Morrey (1898-1956)
George Morrey (1902- )
Harold Martin Morrey (1904- )
Annie Morrey (1906- )

By the 1939 census Arthur Silvester born 7th April 1889 Market Gardener and his wife Sarah R Silvester born 21st Sept 1879 are living here.

Arthur Thomas Silvester was the son of George (a wheelwright) and Jane Silvester, in 1891 Arthur aged 2 was living at Brockley Lodge, Betton with his parents and grandparents George and May Silvester. On the 3rd August 1914 Arthur Silvester married Sarah Reynolds Stephens. Sarah Stephens was born in Ireland in 1911 she was a domestic cook at the Rectory in Norton, alongside Olive Mary Silvester, Arthur’s sister.

Sarah Silvester died in 1952 aged 73.

1949 -1981: Mrs Ada Guard died in 1986. Ada previously lived at 48 Chapel Lane.

18 Beswick Lane

3 rooms listed in 1911

1881 census – Mary Davis nee Cadman born 1820 at Audlem married George Davis in 1845. The Davis family lived at Brand Common. George Davis died in 1876. By 1881, Mary a widower was living at number 18, with her sons James and George.

Children of Mary and George
Hannah Cadman/Davis (1844- ) – was a house servant at Norton Wood, then a servant at Hatherton,
James Davis (1846-1900) – was a farm servant in Ridgewardine, tthen a letter carrier.
Thomas Davis (1850- )
George Davis (1855- ) – night watchman, lived in Stockport.
Mary Davis (1858- ) – moved to Stockport.
Martha Davis (1860- )
Alice Davis (1866- )

On the 1891 census, Mary Davis aged 70 is living with her son James Davis, a letter carrier, aged 45 and daughter Mary Davis , general domestic servant, aged 33.

On the 1901 census, Mary Davis aged 80 is living with her daughter Mary Davis aged 42 and they have a visitor Maurice B Fray, aged 5.

Mary Davis died in Feb 1909 at Norton-in-Hales.

William Stockton was born 1840 at Mucklestone to John and Elizabeth Stockton. William lived with his family in Knighton, where his afther was working as a shoemaker. On 20th December 1863, John married Harriet Ellams. Harriet Ellams was born 1843 at Woore to Titus and Sarah Ellams. In 1861, before her marriage, Harriet Ellams was working as a housemaid for William and Elizabeth Furnival at Yew Tree Farm, Norton-in-Hales.

On the 1911 census, number 18 is listed as the cobblers shop, living here are; William Stockton, boot repairer at home, aged 71; his wife Harriet Stockton, aged 68 and grandson Frank Stockton, aged 10.

On the 1921 census listed are; William Stockton, retired, aged 81, his wife Harriet Stockton aged 76.

In 1926 William Stockton died aged 86. On 12 October 1928 Harriet Stockton died aged 85.

Harriet Stockton of 18 Norton-in-Hales near Market Drayton, Shropshire, widow died 12 October 1928. Administration Shrewsbury 19 December to Edith Harriet Clarke (wife of George Clarke). Effects £143 5s 2d.

1939 – William Woodcock, Domestic Gardener; Mary Woodcock

1949 – William and Mary Woodcock

17 December 1952 - At Market Drayton - Freehold Cottage and Garden, no 18, Beswicks Lane, Norton-in-Hales, on behalf of the late Mrs M. F. Woodcock.
A gamekeeper for 35 years on the Oakley Estate was the record of Mr Edward Bellis, of 18, Beswicks Lane, Norton-in-Hales, and formerly of Oakley, who died at the age of 71. Mr Bellis served in the First World War with the Cheshire Yeomanry and was afterwards employed as gamekeeper on the Oakley Estate from 1920 until four years ago when he retired owing to ill-health. 1959
There was a large attendance at the funeral of Mrs Elsie Bellis of 18 Beswicks Lane, Norton-in-Hales, who died suddenly in hospital at the age of 68. Mrs Bellis who had been a widow for five years, spent most of her life at Oakley, where her husband worked as game-keeper on the Oakley Estate. She moved to Norton-in-Hales eight years ago. Interested in all village activities, she was a member of the Women's Institute, the Mothers' Union and the St John Ambulance Brigade. She was also a keen whist player. 1964

19 Norton Villa, Beswick Lane

Date stone 1898, 8 rooms listed in 1911

17th December 1898 – To be let, Norton Villa, a newly erected House and good Garden, within three minutes walk of Norton-in-Hales Station. – For particulars, apply to J. Meadows, Oakley, Market Drayton – An advert also appears 7th January 1899

In 1901 living at Norton Villa were Margaret Harrison aged 61, living on her own means and her son listed as Charles William Turner Harrison aged 24, also living on his own means.

Born Margaret Brown in 1840 at Hanley, she was the youngest daughter of Thomas Brown a potter, painter and grocer and Margaret Brown. In 1871 aged 30 her occupation is listed as dressmaker.

In 1871 she married William Turner a potter, and they had a son Charles William Turner b.1875 Hanley. On the 1881 census, Margaret, William and Charles are living with Margaret’s widowed father, next door to the shoulder of mutton pub in Shelton (the shop where they were living is still a shop today). At some point between 1881 and 1888 Margaret became a widow and in 1888 she married John Harrison at Woore. By 1901 she was once again a widow and living at Norton Villa.

In 1911 Joseph Meadows (Junior) b.1868, his wife Annie nee Pearce b.1869 and their son Philip Joseph Meadows b.1909 were residing at Norton Villa.

Joseph Meadows (Junior) was one of seven children born to Joseph Meadows (senior) and Anne Ellen Meadows. Joseph Meadows (senior) was an land/ estate agent for the Chetwode family – in 1861 aged 26 he was living at Oakley Hall with the Chetwode’s, in a cottage on the Estate ‘Park Cottage’ is where his parents lived, Joseph’s father, also called Joseph was the butler. Joseph (Junior) like his father also became a land agent for the Chetwode’s.

In 1892 Joseph Meadows (Junior) married Annie Pearce at Drayton. In 1894 they had a daughter Evelyn Meadows, in 1895 another daughter Beatrice Mary and in 1909 Philip Joseph Meadows. In 1911 Evelyn aged 17 and Beatrice Mary aged 16 were at a boarding school in Surrey.

Joseph served on the Board of Guardians from 1907 to 1930 when guardians were abolished. He became a lay reader at St Chad’s Church where he read lessons each Sunday. He revived the village Brass Band, which was originally started by Rev. Frederick Silber. Joseph obtained for the Band a new set of instruments.

Children of Joseph and Annie
Evelyn Meadows (1894-1970)
Beatrice Mary Meadows (1895-1936) – between 6th June 1918 and 23rd November 1918 when Beatrice was 19 years old she served in the voluntary aid detachment, proving nursing care. On the 22nd January 1920, at St Chad’s Church Norton in Hales, Beatrice Mary Meadows married Sydney Herbert Hilton James. Beatrice died in 1936 at the age of 41, at 100 Oak Tree Road, Tilehurst, Reading.
Philip Joseph Meadows (1909-1989)

Joseph Meadows died in 1931 when he was 63 years old. Annie Meadows died in 1945.

Joseph Meadows of Norton in Hales Shropshire died 27 December 1931 Probate London 3 February to Philip Joseph Meadows clerk and Albert Ernest Isidore Hoyland solicitor. Effect £7,170 14s 2d.

1939: Ethel E Huxley

1981: Mr Norman and Mrs Brook

20 Station Road/ Butchers Shop

5 rooms listed in 1911

Demolished in 1953 and replace with Offley House.

Joseph Madeley born 1851 at Market Drayton, married Ann Hopwood of Market Drayton in 1876. In 1877 at Norton-in-Hales their daughter Florence A Madeley was born. On the 1881 census, the family are listed a number 20, Joseph as a master butcher and farmer.

On the 1891 census Joseph Madeley, butcher, aged 40; his wife Ann, aged 39; daughter Florence A, aged 14; daughter Ada, aged 7 and son, Sidney aged 1 month, are still living at number 20. By 1901 the Madeley family had moved to Mansfield, Nottingham.

1901 Jesse Rathbone born 1868 at Hinstock to Henry and Elizabeth Rathbone. Henry was a butcher and Jesse followed his father in this occupation. In 1901, Jesse was a butcher at number 20, he was 30 years old and single. Living with him at the butchers shop was James Whittaker, a butchers assistant aged 14. In 190, at Leigh Jesse married Agnes Mary Mellor of Rose Cottage, Norton-in-Hales. In 1905, Jesse and Agnes Rathbone had a son, John Henry Rathbone.

On the 1911 census, Jesse Rathbone aged 40, butcher, his wife Agnes Mary aged 35, their son Jack aged 6 and a boarder Thomas Silvester, an butcher aged 20, were living at number 20.

After 1913 the Rathbone family left number 20 and by 1921, Jesse, Agnes and their daughter Evelyn Harriet Rathbone aged 7, were living at 16 Wellington Street, Northwich.

Alexander Lewis Shropshire born 1881 at Market Drayton to George and Elizabeth Shropshire. In 1909, Alexander married Harriet Morell of Audlem.

Children of Alexander and Harriet
Reginald James Shropshire (1910-1982) – was a poultry farmer.
Herbert Shropshire (1912-1987) – was an agricultural labourer.

On the 1911 census the Shropshire family were living at number 58. On the 1921 census listed are; Alexander Shropshire, agricultural labourer working for Mr Jones at Church Farm, aged 40; his wife Harriet Shropshire, aged 49 and their son Herbert Shropshire, aged 9.

In 1925 Alexander Shropshire died aged 44. His wife Harriet Shropshire continued to live at number 20 as a small holder and is listed in the 1939 census aged 65, with her son Reginald Shropshire, aged 29.

On 4th April 1941 at 20 Norton-in-Hales Harriet Shropshire died aged 67.

Estate of Mrs H Shropshire, deceased. Sale of a high-class small freehold agricultural property know as "Terrace Holding" area about 6 acres. The property occupies a pleasant position in the village and within easy distance of the Railway Station, Post Office, etc. It comprises a half-timbered and brick dwelling house in the black and white style containing living room, sitting room with modern grate. Large pantry, 3 bedrooms and landing. Back kitchen, wash house with sink and boiler. Coal house and outside lavatory. Mains water supply to the house and also to the land. The outbuildings consist of a range of shippons (brick-built and tiled) for 5 cattle with large loose box adjoining, also a grand stable with loft over and an excellent garage or corn store, having double doors. Two brick built pig cotes with tiled and galvanised roof. Brick built tiled corn store. There is an excellent kitchen garden in a high state of cultivation and there are several apple, damson and plum trees. The land consists of two fields of rich pasture with about half an acre tillage. The six ash trees now standing on a field known as the cricket field do not belong to the vendor and are therefore not included in the sale. 20th August 1941.

21 Station Road/ Terrace Cottages

5 rooms listed in 1911

1911 – Herbert John Gittons

1949 – John, Ethel. Gertrude Harvey

22 Station Road/ Terrace Cottages

5 rooms listed in 1911

Edwin (Edward) Millington born 1857 at Wrockwardine to Robert and Margaret Millington. In 1880, Edwin married Esther Williams, born 1857 at Whixall. After their marriage Edwin was employed as a gardener on the Bellaport Estate. In 1881 Edwin and Esther were living in Poplar Lane, Bearston, they then moved to Norton-in-Hales.

Children of Edwin and Margaret
Margaret Annie Millington (1881-1959)
Lillian Millington (1882- ) – in 1911 she was a servant for John Corbett Wright at Sale.
Harry Millington (1884-1935) – married Jane Ellen Jones, they lived in Corwen, Wales, running a bakery.
Agnes Millington (1885-1958)
Martha Nellie Millington (1887-)
Cresswell Millington (1889-1968)
Samuel Edward Millington (1891-1965) – was a chauffeur.
Robert Thomas Millington (1893-1894)
Minnie Millington (1895-1969)

On the 1891 census listed are; Edwin Millington, garden labourer, aged 35; his wife Esther Millington, aged 35; daughter Margaret A Millington, aged 9; daughter Lily, aged 8; son Harry Millington, aged 7; daughter Agnes Millington, aged 5; daughter Martha Millington, aged 4; son Creswell Millington, age 3 and son Samuel Millington age 3 months.

On the 1901 census listed are; Edwin Millington, garden labourer, aged 45; his wife Esther Millington, aged 45; son Harry Millington, baker, break maker aged 17; daughter Martha Millington, domestic servant aged 14; son Creswell Millington, age 12; son Samuel Millington aged 10; daughter Minnie Millington, aged 6 and granddaughter Fanny Millington, aged 4 (Margaret Annie’s daughter).

On the 1911 census listed are; Edwin Millington, garden labourer, aged 54; his wife Esther Millington, aged 55; daughter Minnie Millington, aged 15 and granddaughter Alice Millington, aged 5.

At some time after the 1911 census the family moved to Bellaport Gardens. In 1918, Edwin Millington died of the influenza aged 61, on 5th November 1918 Edwin was buried at Norton-in-Hales.

Esther continued to live at Bellaport Hall Cottage (number 81) and later moved to number 8 with her daughter.

1939 – Horace Chidlow

1949 – William Henry and Fannie Roberts

23 Main Road/ Hind Head

See Hinds Head

24 Main Road

In the 1827 sale of land, the house and garden was occupied by John Boughey. This was a thatched cottage that were later rebuilt between 1851-1865

5 rooms listed in 1911

John Boughey was born 1777 at Wynbunbury to Benjamin and Mary Boughey. In 1800 John married Ann Reynold. Ann Reynolds was born 1779 at Nantwich to Thomas and Sarah Reynolds.

Children of John and Ann
William Boughey (1807-1866) – when he was 18, he enlisted in the 36th Foot Regiment. He was a Chelsea pensioner from 1846/7.
Thomas Boughey (1810- ) – was a shoemaker.
Anne Boughey (1812- )
John Boughey (1814-1815)
James Boughey (1816-1844) – was a shoemaker.
Lettice Boughey (1818- )
Amelia Boughey (1820-1877) – in 1846 she married Thomas Hodson.
Sarah Boughey (1823-1845)
Daniel Boughey (1825-1892) – was a shoemaker.

In 1802 Benjamin Boughey, John’s father died, aged 51. On 21st April 1802 he was buried at Norton-in-Hales. In the 1800s parish records John Boughey is listed as a shoemaker. In 1838 John Boughey died aged 61.

On the 1851 census listed are; Ann Boughey, widow, baker, aged 71; her son William Boughey, pensioner, aged 41; daughter Amelia Hodson, aged 30; grandson John Hodson, aged 7; granddaughter Mary Hodson, aged 4 and grandson Thomas Hodson, aged 3 months.

On the 1861 census listed are; Ann Boughey, widow, aged 82 and her son her son William Boughey, Chelsea pensioner, aged 53.

John Beeston b.1821 at Hales, Staffordshire was the son of Francis and Sarah Beeston. Having first married Sarah in 1845 they had 2 children, Elizabeth and Esther. John became a widower and married Harriet Powell in 1862 at Chetwynd. At this time Harriet’s mother, Ann Blandford was living at Pell Wall Lodge, near to John’s parent’s Francis and Sarah Beeston.

On the 1871 census John Beeston aged 50, an agricultural labourer, his wife Harriet and his mother-in-law, Ann Blandford aged 70 are all living at number 24.

In 1880 John Beeston died. On the next census in 1881 only Harriet aged 40, a gardener’s widow is listed. Harriet Beeston died in 1883 and was buried on 25th January 1883 at the cemetery in Norton.

William Harrison was born 1848 at Norton-in-Hales to Richard and Eliza Harrison. William grew up at Oakley Lodge with his family. In 1876 William married Margaret Weston. In 1881 they were living at 61 Brand Cottages. They later moved to number 24.

Children of William and Margaret
Harry Harrison (1877- ) – was a coachman, he married Louisa in 1903 he married Louisa, they lived in Worcestershire and later Warwickshire.
Lucy Harrison (1880- ) – was a housemaid in Cheshire.
Percy Harrison (1882- ) – was a stable keeper at Oakley Hall, in 1905 he married Elizabeth Annie Whitehead.
Sarah Ann Harrison (1884- ) – lived at number 58
Margaretta Harrison (1887-1962)
William Egbert Harrison (1889- ) – was a head gardener, lived in Wales.
Archie Roland Harrison (1892-1959) – was a railway signalman, lived in Market Drayton.

On the 1891 census listed are; William Harrison, gardener, aged 43; his wife Margaretta Harrison, aged 38; daughter Lucy, aged 11; son Percy, aged 9; daughter Sarah, aged 7; daughter Margaretta, aged 5 and son William, aged 2.

On the 1911 census listed are; William Harrison, domestic gardener, aged 63; his wife Margaretta Harrison, aged 59; daughter Sarah Ann Harrison, aged 27; daughter Margaretta, dressmaker, aged 24; son Archie Roland Harrison, apprentice coachbuilder, aged 19 and granddaughter Gladys May Harrison, aged 7.

In 1913 William, Margaretta, Sarah, Margaretta and Roland moved to number 58 Main Road. William Harrison died in 1925, aged 77, he was buried on 12th December 1925 at the cemetery in Norton. Margaretta died in 1942, aged 89.

1939 – John Brassington, Annie Brassington, Joseph Brassington and Nancy Brassington

1949 – John and Annie Brassington

25 Main Road

In the 1827 sale of land, the house and garden were occupied by Thomas Tildsley. This was a thatched cottage that were later rebuilt between 1851-1865

4 rooms listed in 1911

On the 1827 sale records for the Bellaport and Norton estate this house and garden were rented by Thomas Tildsley.

Thomas Tildesley was born 1802 at Norton-in-Hales to Thomas and Hannah Tildesley. On 3rd October 1850 Thomas married Sarah Beech b.1825 at St Mary’s Church, Mucklestone. Sarah was the daughter of Richard and Mary Beech, Richard Beech was a farmer from Oakley.

Children of Thomas and Sarah
Hannah Tildesley (1853-1914 )
Thomas Tildesley (1858-1859)
Mary Elizabeth Tildesley (1858-1925)
William Henry Tidesley (1863-1951) – listed as hairdressers apprentice in Stoke. By 1891 he moved to Norfolk and was a hairdresser until 1939 were his occupation is listed as a gardener.

On the 1851 census listed are; Thomas Tildesley, labourer, aged 46 and his wife Sarah Tildesley, aged 28.

On the 1861 census listed are; Thomas Tildesley, waggoner, aged 56; his wife Sarah, school teacher aged 36; daughter Hannah Tildesley, aged 8 and daughter Mary Tidesley, aged 6. Within the schools records for 1879 Sarah Tildesley was paid £23 per year and an additional £5 per year for cleaning of both schools and lighting the fires.

On the 1871 census listed are; Thomas Tildesley, agricultural labourer, aged 67; his wife Sarah Tildesley, aged 47; daughter Mary Tildesley, aged 16 and daughter Mary Tildesley, aged 8.

On the 1881 census listed are; Thomas Tildesley, road labourer, aged 77; his wife Sarah Tildesley, school mistress, aged 57; daughter Mary Tildesley, servant, aged 23.

In 1881 Thomas Tildesley died and was buried on 14th July 1881 at the cemetery in Norton.

The Will of Thomas Tildesley late of Norton in Hales in the County of Salop labourer who died 9th July 1881 at Norton in Hales was proved at Shrewsbury by Samson Vernon of Market Drayton in the said County Saddler and Hames Hirma Tildesley of Gatacre Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Butler the nephew of the executors. Personal estate £18 7s 6d.

On the 3rd October 1882 Sarah Tildesley resigned from her post of infant school mistress on account of failing health. Although the records reference her still cleaning the school in 1883. By the 1891 census Sarah aged 67 is living on her own means with her two daughters Hannah aged 38 and Mary aged 36.

In 1900 Sarah Tildesley died, aged 75, she was buried on 5th February 1900 at the cemetery in Norton.

By the 1901 census Hannah Tildesley aged 47 and her sister Mary aged 45 are living at number 25, living on their own means. They is also a visitor Henry Banford aged 69, widower, retired blacksmith and a boarder John Smith, aged 21 a railway signal man.

A sad and destressing affair took place in the village of Norton-in-Hales on Monday night. Two maiden sisters have lived together in a cottage on the main road, near the centre of the village, practically all their lives. Of an extremely quiet and retiring disposition they seemed to live a happy, peaceful life. Of late however, the elder of the two Hannah Tidesley about 53 years of age, had been in a very depressed state and the neighbours were aroused a little before 10 o'clock at night by the younger, Mary, who stated that her sister had killed herself by cutting her throat. It transpired that Mary thinking that her sister had retired for the night, was shocked on going upstairs to find her stretched on the floor in a pool of blood. First-aid was rendered by a neighbour, who found her in a small bedroom at the back of the house, with a terrible gash across the throat, evidently inflicted by a blood-stained carving knife which lay by her side upon the floor. She was fully dressed and made a very determined attempt upon her life, for the windpipe was cut through. Dr Exham was summoned and after stitching up of the wound, which was five or six inches in length, she was put to bed, where she lies in a most critical condition. Luckily, the main blood vessel had escaped injury or the unfortunate woman would have been dead before assistance arrived. 1906

On the 1911 census sister Hannah Tildesley aged 58 and Mary Tildesley aged 56 are living at number 25, boarding with them is Albert Davison aged 19, a porter signalman. Hannah Tildesley died in 1914, aged 61, she was buried on 29th July 1914 at the cemetery in Norton.

The Will of Hannah Tildesley of Norton in Hales Shropshire spinster died 26 July 1914 Administration London 10 August to William Henry Tildesley hairdresser. Effects £226 18s 3d.

Mary Elizabeth died in 1925, aged 67, she was buried on 11th December at the cemetery in Norton.

In 1912 Thomas Hamlet b.1880, married Mabel Taylor b.1882. In 1913 they had a daughter Mahalath Ellen Hamlet. Thomas like his father William was a mole catcher.

Before moving to number 25, Thomas was living with his family at 50 Chapel Lane, now Bell Cottage, after his mother died in 1909 he went to live as a boarder 38 Main Road with William Bloore and Edith Mary Boore.

In 1922 William Hamlet, Thomas’s father who was living with the family died aged 85 years.

On the 1939 census are Thomas Hamlet, mole catcher and general labourer, Mabel Hamlet, unpaid domestic duties, Mahalath Hamlet, school caretaker.

In 1955 Mabel Hamlet died age 72, then in 1956 Thomas Hamlet died aged 69.

The funeral took place on Saturday, of Mr Thomas Hamlet, of 35 Main Road, Norton-in-Hales, aged 77, he had lived in the village practically all his life. In addition to his work as mole catcher, he had for many years taken charge of the fencing for the North Staffordshire Hunt. A keen supporter of the local Cricket Club, he was a staunch Methodist. The Rector (the Rev. E Wright) officiated at the funeral service at St Chad's Church, and Miss G Bloor was at the organ. Family mourners were: Miss M Hamlet, Miss M Taylor, Miss M E Taylor, Miss Madeley, Miss Morrey (representing Mrs H Hamlett). Others present were: Mr A H Johnson (representing local Methodist Circuit)… Friday 3rd February 1956

Following the death of Mahalath’s uncle Henry Hamlet in 1941, her Aunt Mary Jane Hamlet moved from 46 Main Road to number 25. In 1859 Mar Jane Hamlet died aged 90 years.

Mary Jane Hamlet of 25 Norton in Hales Market Drayton Shropshire widow died 22 January 1959 Probate London 20 February to Frank Crewe retired farmer Effects £2306 16s 6d

In 1998 Mahalath Hamlet died.

26 Main Road/ Talbot Beerhouse

In the 1827 sale of land, the house and garden was in the occupation of John Wainwright.

5 rooms listed in 1911

Richard Morris born 1784 at Mucklestone. In 1812 Richard married Hannah Hitchen born 1787 at Maer. In 1816 their son John Morris is baptised at St Chad’s Church, Norton-in-Hales.

Children of Richard and Hannah
John Morris (1816- ) – married Elizabeth of Market Drayton, moved to Stoke-on-Trent, was a licensed victualler.
Martha Morris (1818-1886) – married George Harper in 1846, lived in Market Drayton.
William Morris (1820- ) – was a shoemaker, he married Ann.
Elizabeth Morris (1823-1901) – married William Hodgkinson a grocer of Longton, Staffordshire. They moved to Stoke on Trent, then Woore.
Richard Morris (1825- )
Eliza Hitchen Morris (1828-1907) – married John Jones and moved to Church Farm.
Mary Ann Morris (1829-1911) – married William Hackwood, accountant in 1850.
Susannah Morris (1832-1861)

On the 1841 census Richard Morris aged 55, wheelwright, Hannah Morris aged 50, John Morris aged 25, Martha Morris aged 20, William Morris aged 18 – shoemaker, Eliza Morris aged 15, Mary Morris aged 12, Susannah aged 10, Thomas Austin aged 15 – apprentice, Elizabeth Hopkins aged 20 – Independent.

On the 1851 census Richard Morris aged 65 – farmer of 12 acres employing 1 labourer, Eliza Morris aged 24 – farmers daughter, Susannah Morris daughter aged 19, Alfred Harper grandson aged 6 and their servants – Louisa Taylor aged 16 – house servant and John Bloore aged 14 – waggoner.

On the 1851 directory Richard Morris is listed as Wheelwright and Beerhouse.

On the 1861 census Richard Morris “The Plough” aged 77 a wheelwright and beerseller, Hannah wife aged 73, Eliza H daughter aged 34, Elizabeth Hodgkinson daughter aged 38, Hannah Hodgkinson granddaughter aged 4 and servants Jane Shaw, housemaid aged 19, James Wainwright servant boy aged 16.

On the 5th May 1861 Richard Morris was buried at the cemetery in Norton in Hales.

The Will of Richard Morris late of Norton in Hales in the county of Salop Beer-house Keeper Wheelwright and Farmer deceased who died 3rd May 1861 in Norton in Hales aforesaid was proved at Shrewsbury by the oaths of George Morris of Etruria in the county of Stafford Victualler and Maltster and John Morris of Hanley in the same county Inn keeper and Maltster the sons the executors. Effects under £100.

On 20th March 1862 Eliza Hitchen Morris married John Jones of Church Farm, Norton in Hales. After Eliza’s marriage Hannah Morris went to live with her daughter at Church Farm Norton in Hales.

On 16th March 1875 Hannah Morris was buried at the cemetery in Norton in Hales

1868 John Fuller is listed in the Poll Book and Electoral Register.

John Alexander Fuller born 1835 in Fairlight, Sussex was a butler, in 1858 he married Sarah Ann Richards. On the 1861 census, John is listed as a butler for Marten Harcourt Griffin Esq, at 17 Cleveland Gardens, Paddington. By 1871 John, a publican aged 36, his wife Sarah aged 34 and their two daughters Florence Mary Fuller aged 11 and Ada Fuller aged 8 were living at the Talbot Beerhouse. Sarah died months later in June 1871 and was buried at Norton-in-Hales. In 1872, the marriage banns were read for John Fuller and Kate Gord/Ford, however there is no record of their marriage.

3rd July 1880 - Transfers - an application was made for the transfer of the Talbot Inn, Norton-in-Hales, from Joseph Nicholls to William Beeston.

Mr William Beeston keeper of the Talbot Inn, Norton in Hales since 1879.

William Beeston born 1814 in Hales to Samuel and Elizabeth Beeston. William first married Ann Jones of Market Drayton In 1839 and then Sarah Hitchen. Before taking over the Beerhouse William lived in Hales and Oakley as a labourer and his wife a laundress. On the 1881 census, William Beeston, farmer of 3 acres and beer seller is 66 years old, his wife Sarah Beeston is 48 years old.

In July 1890, his wife Sarah Beeston died aged 57 and was buried at Norton-in-Hales cemetery,

1889 - Serious Charge Against Publican - Mr Beeston keeper of the Talbot Inn, Norton in Hales was charged by police constable Turner with selling intoxicating liquors in prohibited hours and with permitting drunkeness on the said licensed premises.
1891 - The NORTON ESTATE includes an area of about 764 acres and embraces a handsome and convenient residence known as Brand Hall, surrounded by picturesque pleasure grounds and overlooking an extent of splendidly timbered, park like lands, 3 valuable and highly-productive farms, all having unusually good homesteads; two road-side inns, known as the Griffin Arms and the Talbot; and a number of accommodation holdings, cottages and gardens comprising the greater portion of the model village of Norton.

By 1891 William Beeston a retired publican aged 79, is now lodging with the new residents William and Annie Nevitt.

William Nevitt born 1860 at Whixall, Shropshire to Thomas Nevitt an agricultural labourer and Harriet Batho. As a child, he lived with his widowed mother, a launderess, in Buerton. Later, in 1881 he lived a Alkington Hall as a indoor farm servant. In the same year he married Annie Thompson at Whitchurch. By the 1891 they were living at The Talbot Inn, William Nevitt beerhouse keeper, aged 30, wife Annie Nevitt aged 29, daughter Agnes Nevitt aged 9, son William Nevitt aged 1.

Children of William and Annie
Agnes Mary Nevitt (1882 – 1951) – married Walter Percy Edge and lived in Crewe
William John Nevitt (1890 – 1978) – was a blacksmith, later moved to Cheshire
Christopher Thomas Nevitt (1895 – 1976)
Samuel Thompson Nevitt (1908 – )

Living in the house adjoining was William Nevitt’s mother Harriet. By 1895 William and his family had left Norton to live in Marbury, Cheshire.

1st October 1890 - Mr Pearson applied for a renewal of the license of the Talbot Inn at Norton, which was ordered to be closed last meeting. The magistrates stated that they had reconsidered the order and that the house could open again. Mr Pearson also applied for a transfer of the license from Mr Beeston to Mr Nevitt.
30th August 1890 - Objections to licenses - Objections were raised by Superintendent Edwards against Ann Edge, of the Stag's Head Inn, Market Drayton; William Beeston, of the Talbot Inn, Norton-in-Hales; and Francis William Cupon, of the Crow Inn, Onneley. William Beeston had permitted drunkenness on his premises during the last year. Mr Hawthorns applied for a transfer of the license from Beeston to William Nevitt. After some consideration, the Bench refused to grant the transfer, and the house will therefore be closed.
2nd September 1893 - BREWSTER SESSIONS - Superintendent's report. One house has been closed the Talbot Beerhouse, Norton-in-Hales.

On the 1901 census Joshua Halfpenny is now living here and the address is now ‘Late Talbot Beerhouse Cottages’

1911 census (5 rooms listed) – Ernest Beaman

1921 – Albert Hulston 56, Mary Hulston 43, Albert J Hulston 13, William P Hulson 12, Gertrude A Hulston 10 and Nellie Hulston 8.

1939 – William Morrison, Cowman; Jessie Morrison

27 Main Road/ Talbot House/ Talbot Cottage

4 rooms listed in 1911

Mary Mellor born 1803 in Eccleshall had a son John Mellor born 1830 in Eccleshall. In 1832 Mary married Joseph Radcliffe of Norton Wood. By 1871 Mary and Joseph Radcliffe had left Norton Wood in the occupation of their son Joseph Radcliffe junior and were living at number 27 with Joseph’s older brother, Thomas Radcliffe.

By the 1881 census John Mellor, Mary’s son is living here with his family. In 1858 John Mellor married Sarah Spragg at Norton-in-Hales. In 1861 there were living somewhere in the village with John’s sister-in-law Frances Ratcliffe aged 18 and Hannah Hughson, a boarder aged 10 months. In 1874, Sarah Mellor died and John remarried Harriet Nevitt nee Batho.

Children of Harriet and Thomas Nevitt
William Nevitt (1861 – ) – married Annie Thompson, they lived next door for a short time at the Talbot beerhouse
Thomas Nevitt (1863 – 1932) – was a laundry man
Samuel Nevitt (1865 – 1924) – lived at Brand Cottage, then later to Stoke-on-Trent
John Nevitt (1868 – ) – was a gardener
Annie Nevitt (1872 – 1950) – remained in Norton-in-Hales, living at number 47.

Children of Harriet and John Mellor
Agnes Mary Mellor (1877 – 1937) – married Jessie Rathbone and lived at number 20

1881 census – John Mellor, Head, agricultural labourer, aged 51; Harriet Mellor, wife, laundress, aged 45; John Nevitt, step-son, aged 12, Annie Nevitt, step-daughter, aged 9; Agnes Mary Mellor, daughter, aged 4; Henry Ratcliffe, half-brother, aged 45, formerly a groom.

1891 census – John Mellor, Head, invalid, aged 61; Harriet Mellor, wife, laundress, aged 55; John Nevitt, step-son, gardener, aged 25, Annie Nevitt, step-daughter, laundress, aged 19; Agnes Mary Mellor, daughter, laundress, aged 14.

By the 1901 census the Mellor/Nevitt family had moved to number 47/ Rose Cottage

1921 – William Powell 56, Eliza Powell 50. Visitors Joseph S Palmer 24, Edith M Palmer 26, Joseph E L Palmer 2, Joseph S Palmer 1 and Redvers W Holding 18

1939 – William Hamlet, County Council General Labourer

Well built small residence known as "Talbot House" which contains the following well arranged accommodation: Entrance hall with wood block floor, front sitting room, with block floor and bay window 13ft 6in x 12ft, also double painted cupboards as fixed, living kitchen 15ft square with cooking range, pantry with ample shelving, was house with sink and cold tap, also bath installed, two good sized bedrooms and one small bedroom. The out offices include range of brick and tile buildings affording excellent storage facilities, also timber and corrugated sheds, coal store and E.C. Highly productive garden and pleasant front lawn. Mains water and electric light. 2nd March 1949.

1949 – Frank and Annie Cooke

28 Main Road

In the 1827 sale of land, two tenements were in the occupation of the Overseers of the Poor.

3 rooms listed in 1911

Replaced by ‘Ashville’ in 1955

1891 – Thomas Richards

John Malkin was born in 1862 at Norton-in-Hales to John Malkin/Maulkin and Ann nee Davis. He was baptised at St Chad’s Church on the 23rd November 1862. In 1871 John Malkin/Maulkin was living with his parents and older brother Frederick b.1859 in Norton-in-Hales. In 1875 John’s mother Ann died and later that year his father married Jane Bunn and moved to Napley. By 1881 John was working as a farm servant in Maer, Staffordshire. In 1890 he married Ellen Brayford, daughter of Daniel and Frances Brayford.

Children of John and Ellen
John Edward Malkin (1891-1915)
Helen Ann Malkin (1893-1981) – she married Thomas Henry Whateley in 1914.
Annie Nancy Malkin (1895-1990) – she married Wilfred Chell in 1920.
Daniel Bayford Malkin (1902-1986) – he married Nellie Pye in 1922.

On the 1901 census listed are; John Malkin, bricklayer’s labourer, aged 38; his wife Ellen Malkin, aged 38; son John Edward Malkin, aged 9; daughter Ellen Ann Malkin, aged 7 and daughter Annie Malkin aged 5.

The Malkin family moved from number 28 to number 51.

William Holding was born 1874 at Hodnet to John and Mary Holding. On 30th December 1894, at Norton-in-Hales, William married Agnes Feley, aka Maggie or Margaret. By 1901, the couple and their young familiy were living in Market Drayton. William’s parents were living at Norton Forge.

Children of William and Margaret
John William Holding (1895-1980) – in 1927 he married Florence Smith, they lived in Market Drayton.
May Ellen Rose Holding (1900- ) – in 1924 she married Charles Henry Forrester, they lived in Betton.

On the 1911 census listed are; William Holding, garden labourer, aged 37; his wife Maggie Holding, aged 38; son Willie Holding, garden boy, aged 15 and daughter Rosa Holding, aged 10.

In 1918 William Holding died, aged 44, he was buried on 1 October 1918 at Norton-in-Hales.

On the 1921 census listed is Margaret Holding, widow, aged 50 and William, general labourer for N. W. Railway Company, aged 27.

1939 – Elizabeth Lee

1949 – Elizabeth Lee

29 Main Road

3 rooms listed in 1911

Replaced by ‘Ashville’ in 1955

1881 – John Lee/ Martha Lawon

1891 – Martha Wilkinson

1939 – John Wheeler, General Agricultural Labourer

30 Main Road/ Post Office

6 rooms listed in 1911

Built c. 1800

1871 – James Owen born 1912 at Norton-in-Hales to James and Elizabeth. He grew up at Norton Forge. In 1841 he married his first wife Elizbeth, they had seven children. Elizabeth died in 1851, leaving him with five children, he continued to live with his step-mother at Norton Forge. In 1865, his step-mother Elizabeth Owen died. In 1867 he married Ann Chatterley. Ann Chatterley born 1821 at Mucklestone, before her marriage to James she was cook and housemaid at Cruckton Hall. By 1871, James and Owen had moved into the village.

On the 1871 census listed are James Owen Wheelwright, aged 59; his wife Ann Owen, Shopkeeper, aged 50; grandchild Elizabeth Lawton, aged 5.

On the 1881 census listed at The Post Office are James Owen, grocer, aged 69 and his wife Ann Owen, aged 60.

James Owen - Administration of the Personal Estate of James Owen late of Norton-in-Hales in the County of Salop Wheelwright who died 4 December 1884 at Norton-in-Hales was granted at Shrewsbury to Anne Owen of Norton-in-Hales Widow the Relict.

Following James’s death Ann moved to Monks Coppenhall and lived next door to James’s granddaughter.

1891 – Benjamin Pemberton, born 1865 in Drayton to James and Harriet Pemberton, who ran a general shop on Tern Hill Road. In 1881 he is listed on the census as a cabinet makers apprentice. In 1888, Benjamin married Harriet Austin, born 1865 in Hatherton to Thomas and Emma Austin (farmer and grocer). In 1891 Benjamin and Harriet are grocer and poster master at Norton-in-Hales.

Children of Benjamin and Harriet
Thomas Austin Pemberton (1889-1979)
Benjamin Stanley Pemberton (1890-1896)
Wilfred Pemberton (1892-1925)
Harold George Pemberton (1895-1974)
Beatrice Loui Pemberton (1897-1988)
William Roland Pemberton (1899-1986)

On the 1891 census listed are; Benjamin Pemberton, grocer and sub postmaster, aged 26; wife Harriet, assistant to head grocer, aged 26; son Thomas A, aged 2; son Benjamin S, aged 6 months and general domestic servant Mary Davies, aged 19.

On the 1901 census listed are; Benjamin Pemberton, grocer and post master, aged 36; wife Harriet, aged 36; son Thomas, aged 12; son Wilfred, aged 8; son Harold George, aged 5; daughter Beatrice, aged 4; son William, aged 1 and domestic servant Mary A Cooke, aged 15.

Two extended short course scholarships have been awarded to Ernest Henry Croft, Lower Wigmore Farm, Wattlesborough and Wilfred Pemberton, The Post Office, Norton-in-Hales. The above scholarships are all tenable at the Harper Adams Agricultural College on the successful students take up their residence at the college for the autumn term. 2nd October 1908.

On the 1911 census listed are; Benjamin Pemberton, postmaster, grocer and farmer, aged 46; wife Harriet, assisting in the business, aged 46; son Harold George, assisting on the farm, aged 15; daughter Beatrice Louie, aged 14; son William Rowland, aged 11; general domestic servant Agnes Mary Doricott, aged 14 and boy working on farm George Edgar Dodd, aged 14.

Norton-in-Hales. P.O. Small parties catered for with field for games - for particulars, apply Pemberton, Norton-in-Hales P.O. 1913
Death of Mr Thomas Austin. Hatherton has lost one of its most striking personalities by the death of Mr Thomas Austin, of the post office, who passed away early on Thursday morning last week at the house of his eldest daughter Mrs Pemberton at Norton-in-Hales where he had gone on a visit. Mr Austin, who would shortly have completed his 88th year was born in Hatherton and had spent nearly the whole of his life in his native place. He was widely known and respected. He was prominently connected with the Primitive Methodist Church, having being a local preacher for 67 years and some 17 years ago he was presented with an illuminated address by the officials of the Crewe circuit, to commemorate the completion of 50 years labour in that capacity. Being a very acceptable preacher with a ready wit, his services were much sought in the district and he was a familiar figure at nonconformist gatherings. For many years he had been prominently connected with friendly society work and was senior trustee of the Wynbunbury Foresters Club and also one of the district trustees. He represented his native township for many years on the Audlem Highway Board until the work of that body was taken over by the Nantwich Rural District Council. He was the first chairman of the Hatherton parish council and remained a member of that body until 1913, when he retired owing to advancing years. His remains were brought from Norton to his home on Saturday evening and laid to rest in the new burial ground at Wynbunbury on Monday afternoon, a service having been previously conducted in the Hatherton Primitive Methodist Chapel by the Rev. W. Lawrence of Crewe.

By 1916, the Pemberton family had left Norton-in-Hales and were farming at Hole House Farm, Bradwall, Sandbach.

On the 1921 census Charles and Lizzie Chadwick are living at number 30, the house is now called Rowan Cottage.

Charles Chadwick born 1872 at Hanley to Abraham and Ellen Chadwick. In 1898, at Milton, Charles married Lizzie Pegg.

Children of Charlies and Lizzie
Phyllis Nellie Chadwick (1901-1969) – was a student at Liverpool university (science student). In 1926 she married Herbert Roland Keay, they later lived in New Zealand.
Mona Eileen Chadwick (1902-1960) – in 1924 she married Edwin George Keay, they lived at number 37 and later Dunstampyn.
Vera Mary Lilian Chadwick (1908-1952) – was living at home in 1939.
Nancy M Chadwick (1914-2004) – was a teacher and an ambulance driver during WWII. In 1953, she married Joseph Hughes.

On 4th December 1950, Charles Chadwick died aged 78.

Mr Charles Chadwick, born in Hanley, he was for some years a pupil teacher at Milton Boy’s School before completing his training for the teaching profession at Saltney Training College, Birmingham. In 1893 he became an assistant master at Silverdale Boy’s Board School and in 1896 he took an active part in forming the Staffordshire Class Teachers’ Association, of which he was first secretary. Four years later Mr Chadwick was appointed headmaster of the local C. of E. school, where he remained until his retirement in 1937. Besides his school activities, Charles found time to carry out a good deal of local public work. He was organist and choirmaster at St Chad’s Church for 33 years and clerk of the Parish Council for 34 years.

Following Charles’s death, Lizzie moved to Cestria Primrose Avenue, Haslington near Crewe where she lived with her daughters until she died in 1956 aged 84.

31 Main Road/ School Cottage (now demolished)

Was attached to the school, 3 rooms listed in 1911. Demolished/ unoccupied by 1939

1881 Elizabeth Pritchard, 77.

1901 William Pugh

1911 Colin Pimlett

1921 – Sarah Batho who previously lived at 39 is now living at the cottage as a widower aged 73. On the census, her daughter Alice McCarthy aged 34 and grandson Ronald McCarthy aged 7 is living with her. Ethel Batho aged 29 is a visitor from Stoke-on-Trent. Sarah Batho died in 1924 aged 75. Alice McCarthy stayed living at the cottage, running a private laundry. On the 1939 census, only Alice is living in the cottage.

1949 – Alice McCarthy. Alice died in 1953, she is buried at the remote chapel.

The death occurred on Friday at the age of 66, of Mrs Alice McCarthy, of School Cottage, Norton-in-Hales. She was of a quiet disposition and was often called upon in cases of sickness. A member of both the Mothers' Union and the Women's Institute, she leaves an only sone and one grandson. The funeral service in the Parish Church on Monday was conducted by the Rector (the Rev. A. G. Howard), Miss G Bloor being at the organ. The mourners were: Mr and Mrs R. McCarthy (son and daughter-in-law), Mr T. Batho (brother), Mrs E. Lewis (sister), Mrs G Wickstead, Mr and Mrs J Batho, Mrs and Mrs J Hunter, Mrs J Wickstead, Mrs H Taylor, Mrs F Bloor, Miss D Batho (nephews and nieces). Mrs SAmbrook, Mrs L James, Mrs C Swire, Mrs W Furnival, Mr Stobart, Mrs H Whateley, Mrs A Morrey, Mrs A Broadhurst, Miss Brown, Mr T Hamlet, Miss M Hamlet, Mrs T Powell, Mrs Powis, Miss Millington, Mr and Mrs W Malkin, Mrs W Talbot, Mrs T Bailey (representing Mrs Brassington), Mrs J Roberts and Mrs J Harvey. The bearers were Messrs J Foxley, T Silvester, T Wickstead and A Morrey.

Miss Alice Payne died 1957 aged 77. Alice was a school teacher in the Market Drayton district.

32 Main Road/ School House (now apart of the school)

6 rooms listed in 1911

However 1801 – 1841 – Thomas Clorley was born between 1788 to 1793 at Norton-in-Hales to Thomas Clorley (1758 – 1838), Parish Clerk. It appears that following his fathers death, he took up the role as Parish Clerk. In 1854, Thomas died.

1848 – John Wickstead (Master of National School) was born in 1815 at Norton-in-Hales to John and Hannah Wickstead. Ann Wickstead (School Mistress) was born in 1813 at Muckleston. By 1861 John and Ann are still living in the village, John is a Tailor and Grocer.

1861 Census (School House)
James Harper Spence (National School Master) was born in 1842 Islington, to James (Headmaster) and Hannah Spence. In 1862, at St Mary’s, Walthamstow he married Amelia Day, youngest daughter of William Day of Walthamstow. On the 25th October 1863 their son, James Harper Spence Junior, was baptised at St Chad’s Church, Norton-in-Hales. By 1871 James and Amelia are living in Holy Cross, Shropshire. James became a Land and Insurance Agent, then later an Accountant. James died in 1889.

1865 – 1879 – Henry Gray, was born in 1847 at Market Drayton to Joseph and Mary Gray. In 1866, Henry married Mary Ann Owen, born 1840 at Norton-in-Hales to Daniel Owen and Martha Duckers. Prior to their marriage, Mary Ann was working as a Housemaid at the Rectory for Rev. Frederick Silver. Henry Gray also played the organ in church. In 1881 Mary Ann Gray died, she was buried at Norton-in-Hales.

1879 – 1885 (following the rebuilding of the school) – Abijah Garton (Schoolmaster) was born in 1855 at Stoke-on-Trent to John and Mary Garton. In 1879, Abijah married Sarah Race.

1885 – 1900 – William F Thomas. In January 1900 William F Thomas (Headmaster), Elizabeth Thomas (Teacher) and Wilfred Thomas (Assistant Teacher) resigned from their positions.

1900 – Charles Chadwick

1939 – Annie Mycock. In 1944, Annie married William Furnival. Annie Furnival of The British Red Cross Nursing Home, Holly Road, Uttoxeter, formerly of West Drive, Doveridge died in 1987 aged 83.

1949 – Jessie and Elizabeth Brown

1957 – Mrs Weaver

33 Main Road

Built between 1868 to 1870. 6 rooms listed in 1911.

Following the death of George Frederick Minshall’s father William Minshall and the sale of land to his sister and brother-in-law, the two houses 33 and 34 were built. George Frederick Minshall born 1845 in Norton-in-Hales to William and Ann Minshall nee Wilkinson. George grew up at number 35, where his parents continued to live until their deaths.

Elizabeth Vernon born 1842 in Betton to Abraham and Mary Vernon nee Hallmark. Before moving to 33, on the 1861 census Elizabeth, aged 19 was a house servant in Everton, Lancashire. In 1861 George aged 17 is living at home with his parents at 35 Main Road Norton in Hales. On 16th April 1868 Elizabeth and George married at Christ Church Everton.

On the 1871 Census George aged 24 is listed a boarder at the house of George Hodgkinson, a wheelwright in Wolstanton, Staffordshire, George’s occupation is also a Wheelwright. Elizabeth at this time is staying with her parents Abraham and Mary who were both living at 43, the end cottage where they lived until their deaths,

In 1874 their daughter Fanny Minshall was born at Norton in Hales. By 1881 census George, Elizabeth and Fanny aged 7 are living at 33 Main Road. George’s occupation is listed a colliery carpenter. John Minshall, George’s brother lives at 36 Main Road (now demolished), from 1871 until he died in 1911. Next door at number 34 lives George’s sister Betsey Minshall with her husband Isaac Vernon, Elizabeth’s brother.

In 1891 George is still a wheelwright, Elizabeth has no occupation listed and Fanny now aged 17 is a dressmaker.

On 2nd September 1897 Fanny Minshall marries George Kinsey Downing (a builder), at St Chad’s Church, Norton-in-Hales. Fanny and George afterward live in 15 Vale Street, Silverdale, Staffordshire. In 1901 George aged 57 and Elizabeth 58 (note they alter their ages from census to census) Hilda Downing aged 14 is a visitor (no doubt a relation of the son-in-law).

George Frederick Minshall died in 1915.

George Frederick Minshall of 33 Norton in Hales near Market Drayton Shropshire died 30th December 1915 Probate London 16 February to Fanny Downing (wife of George Kinscey Downing) Effects £312 10s

Elizabeth Minshall died in 1920.

Elizabeth Minshall of 33 Norton in Hales near Market Drayton Shropshire widow died 20th May 1920 at Norton in Hales. Probate London 10th March to Fanny Downing (wife of George Kinscey Downing) Effects £769 13s 3d.

In 1921 George Bruckshaw and his daughter Sarah Ada Bruckshaw have moved in, by 1922 they move across the road to Alver Bank.

In 1928 the house was occupied by the Evans family. Thomas Evans b.1860 at Market Drayton and Ann nee Beckett b.1859 at Hales. Before moving to Norton the family lived in Napley, Thomas was a stockman on the farm. Ann Evans died in 1928. On the 1939 census Thomas Evans, a widower aged 79 is living with his son Arthur Evans a postman aged 51 , daughter Annie aged 42 and a boarder Elizabeth Peake aged 80. Thomas died in 1943 aged 83.

Annie Evans b.1897 continued to live with her brother Arthur Evans until her death in 1956, she was a staunch Methodist, being a steward and generous supporter of the Norton-in-Hales Chapel, which she attended.

Arthur Evans died in 1963 aged 74.

34 Main Road

Built between 1868 to 1870, 6 rooms listed in 1911.

Ann Minshall and her son John Minshall sold a plot of land to Issac Vernon in 1868. At some point after this the two houses 33 and 34 were built to be lived in by the Minshall children and their families.

Isaac Vernon was born in 1837 Betton to Abraham and Mary Vernon nee Hallmark. On the 1841 census Isaac Vernon is living with his parents Abraham (farm labourer) and Mary Vernon, and his siblings Jacob, Eliazabeth (who would marry George Frederick Minshall and live next door), Anna, Ruth and Paul. Before moving into 34, Main Road, when Isaac was 22 years old he is listed on the 1861 census at Rooms Farm House, Ridgwardine along with Thomas Bloore’s family. His occupation at that time was a journeyman wheelwright.

Isaac Vernon and Betsey Minshall were married at St Chad’s Norton in Hales on 3rd June 1866.

Betsey Minshall born 1842 in Norton-in-Hales to William Minshall and Anne Wilkinson of Audlem. The house next door was her family home (previously 35 Main Road but this has since been demolished) this is where her parents continued to live until their deaths, William Minshall in 1866 and Anne Minshall in 1885.

John Minshall, Betsey’s brother lived at 36 Main Road (now demolished) from 1871 until he died in 1911.

Isaac’s occupation on the 1871 census is wheelwright and from 1881 an estate carpenter. By 1871 Isaac’s parents Abraham and Mary were both living at number 43, the end cottage where they lived until their deaths, Mary Vernon in 1892 and Abraham Vernon in 1896

On the 1881 census their niece Mary E Jones aged 11 is living with them.

21st August 1886 - TO LET a six-roomed House, with piggeries and with or without garden, at Norton in Hales: Apply Isaac Vernon.

In 1891 they were both still living at 34, Main Road. They also had living with them a lodger, Thomas W Bovill a Pupil teacher from Yorkshire aged 14, who was offered the appointment of candidate in probation at a salary of £10 per annum in 1889 at Norton School.

By the 1911 census, taken months before Isaac died, they are still living at 34, Main Street. Isaac aged 74, a retired carpenter, Betsey aged 67 and living with them is Isaac’s sister Fanny Griffiths aged 80.

Isaac Vernon died in 1911 and was buried on 11th July 1911 at the remote cemetery in Norton in Hales.

Will – Vernon Isaac of Norton in Hales Shropshire died 9th July 1911. Probate London 18th August to Betsey Vernon widow and Herbert Deakin Jones Solicitor’s clerk. Effects £323 12s 3d.

Betsey Vernon died Age 86 Years in 1927. Betsey and Isaac had no children.

Will – Vernon Betsy of 34, Norton in Hales Shropshire widow died 3rd September 1927 Probate London 4th November to William Owen school caretaker and George Enoch Hughes retired plumber Effects £919 0s 4d.

1949 – Alfred Thomas and Gladys Bloor

35 Main Road (now demolished)

4 rooms listed in 1911

William Minshall was born in 1792 in Norton In Hales, the son of Catherine and John Minshall. He married Ann Wilkinson of Audlem on 27 February 1827.

Children of William and Ann
William Minshall (1828-1852) – was a cordwainer.
Mary Minshall (1829- )
Martha Minshall (1832-1902) – married William Owen in 1853 and lived at the Chapel House.
John Minshall (1834-1911) – married Isabella Soul in 1870 and lived a number 36.
Sarah A Minshall (1839- ) – married James Bate in 1861.
Betsey Minshall (1842-1927) – married Isaac Vernon and lived at number 34.
George Frederick Minshall (1845-1918) – married Elizabeth Vernon and lived at number 33.

On the 1841 census listed are; William Minshall, labourer, aged 48; his wife Ann, aged 35; son William, aged 12; daughter Mary, aged 10; daughter Martha, aged 8; son John, aged 6 and daughter Sarah, aged 1.

On the 1851 census listed are: William Minshall, labourer, aged 59; his wife Ann, aged 50; son William, cordwainer, aged 23; daughter Martha, aged 19; daughter Betsey, aged 8 and son George, aged 6.

On the 1861 census listed are: William Minshall, labourer, aged 70; his wife Ann, aged 61; son John, wheelwright, aged 27 and son George, aged 17.

William Minshall died on 19 April 1866 in Market Drayton, Shropshire, at the age of 74.

William Minshall 29th October 1866. The Will of William Minshall late of Norton in Hales in the county of Salop Yeoman deceased who died 19th April 1866 at Norton aforesaid was proved at Shrewsbury by the oaths of John Minshall of Norton aforesaid Labourer and George Minshall of Norton aforesaid labourer the sons of the executors. Effects under £100.

On the 1871 census listed are; Ann Minshall, formerly agricultural labourer’s wife, aged 72 and granddaughter Ann Bate, aged 9.

On the 1881 census only Ann is listed. Ann Minshall, agricultural labourer’s widow, proprietor of land and house, aged 80.

Ann died in 1885 aged 84.

1939 – Stephen Healey, gardeners labourer (domestic), Betty Healey
1949 – Albert and Olive Painter

36 Main Road

Wheelwrights Shop 4 rooms listed in 1911

1861 – William Burgwin

John Minshall was born 1834 at Norton-in-Hales to William and Ann Minshall. As a child he lived next door at number 35. In 1870 he married Isabella Soul of Malmesbury, Wiltshire. In 1861, Isabella was housekeeper to Marten Harcourt Griffin, at 17 Cleveland Gardens, London.

On the 1871 census listed are; John Minshall, wheelwright and farmer of 10 acres, aged 38; his wife Isabella, aged 45.

On the 1881 census listed are; John Minshall, wheelwright, employing 1 apprentice and farmer of 8 acres; his wife Isabella, aged 54.

On the 1891 census listed are; John Minshall, wheelwright, aged 57; his wife Isabella aged 64.

In 1892 Isabella died aged 65, she was buried at Norton-in-Hales on 5th February 1892.

On the 1901 census John Minshall, aged 66, wheelwright is living alone.

On the 1911 census John Minshall, aged 77, wheelwright is living alone.

A few months later John Minshall died aged 77.

John Minshall of 36 Norton-in-Hales, Shropshire died 19 June 1911. Probate London 15 July to George Frederik Minshall, Wheelwright and Thomas Meakin, Wood Ranger. Effects £161 10s.

1921 – Colin Pimlett 39, Edith Pimlett 40, Colin William Vincent Pimlett and Eunice May Pimlett 3.

1939 – James Duckers, Plumber (retired); Emma Duckers

Norton-in-Hales. Former Plumber - The funeral took place at Norton-in-Hales Parish Church on Saturday of Mr James Henry Duckers, of 36 Main Road, Norton-in-Hales, who died at the age of 84. A former plumber, he was in the employ of Mr Barnett, of Market Drayton, until his retirement and led an active life up to a few weeks ago. The funeral was conducted by the Rector (the Rev P R Pierce), Miss G Bloor being at the organ. The family mourners were: Mr and Mrs S Scattergood (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs E J Brooks and Miss E Duckers (daughters) Mrs J Newton (sister), Mrs Halfpenny (sister-in-law), Mr F Halfpenny (nephew) Mrs A Painter, Mr E G Keay, Mr W Malkin (representing Mr Frank Barnett, Market Drayton), Mr H Whateley, Mrs W Malkin, Mrs A Morrey, Mrs Banks, Mrs Allen, Mrs Wickstead, Mrs Jack Malkin and Miss Storey. The bearers were Messrs J Foxley, A Painter, S Evans and T Silvester. 28th June 1952

37 Main Road/ Post Office/ The Forge

7 rooms are listed in 1911

By 1881 George Bruckshaw had moved from 12 Main Road to the Blacksmiths at number 37. Now a widower aged 59, blacksmith and farmer of 6 acres. Living with him at number 37 was his eldest son John Bruckshaw, a blacksmith, daughter-in-law Frances Bruckshaw, youngest son Christopher Bruckshaw and an apprentice William Cooper.

John Bruckshaw b.1848 was born in Norton and lived at the blacksmiths at 12 Main Road. In 1879 he married Frances Goodburn at St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich. Frances b1846 in Bermondsey and was the daughter of Thomas Goodburn a master mariner and Susannah Goodburn.

In 1883 John and Frances had a daughter, Alice Maud Bruckshaw.

George Bruckshaw died in 1885.

In 1891 John Bruckshaw aged 42 a blacksmith, his wife Frances aged 45, their daughter Alice aged 8, John’s  younger brother Charlie aged 28 and now a partner in the business and William Taylor aged 16 an apprentice blacksmith were all living at number 37. By 1901 the house is recorded as blacksmith shop and smithy and is now one cottage. John Bruckshaw aged 52 is a blacksmith and agent, deputy registrar of births and deaths. Frances Bruckshaw aged 55. Alice Maud Bruckshaw is 18 and is a school mistress (at Norton in Hales school). In 1911 only John and Frances Bruckshaw are living at the house. John is still a blacksmith at home. Alice Bruckshaw now 28 years old is working as a domestic service for William (Farmer) and Mary Ann Huxley at Stoke Manor, Market Drayton.

John Bruckshaw died in 1911. Alice Maud Bruckshaw died 1919.

1921 – Frances Bruckshaw 66 (widow), Mary Elizabeth Tildesley 66 (boarder), William Ashley Darnley 51 (boarder)

1939 Edwin Keay, Sub Postmaster; Mona Keay

"Dunstampyn" is the appropriate name chosen by Mr Edwin Keay for the bungalow home where he will live in retirement now that he has given up his post as Sub-Postmaster at Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton. Mr Keay was Sub-Postmaster at Norton for nearly 30 years and was once "care taker operator" of the village telephone exchange. A widower aged 65, he has a son and a daughter. The post office will now be run by Mrs F Marshall from her shop in the village. 8th January 1962.

38 Main Road/ Back Lane

3 rooms listed in 1911

1861 – William Randle

In 1881 Joseph Davies a butcher and retired farmer aged 66 and his wife Elizabeth Davies aged 63 were living here. Joseph Davies died in August 1888 and was buried in Norton in Hales.

William Bloore born 1859 at Mucklestone to William Bloore and Eliza nee Matthews. In 1881 William was a farm servant to Thomas and Matilda Bourne at Mucklestone.

On 30th December 1884 William Bloore married Mary Timmis of Little Drayton the daughter of George and Fanny Timmis. Prior to their marriage Mary was working as a domestic servant at Norton Farm.

Children of William and Mary
Harry Bloore (1887-1939) – in 1911 Harry married Lilian Richardson.
John Bloore (1890- 1968) – in 1910 John married Lizzie Braznell.
Edith Mary Bloore (1891- ) – in 1918 Edith married Joseph Woodcock.
William Bloore (1893-1894)

In 1891 the family is living at number 38. Listed are William Bloore Junior, agricultural labourer, aged 34; his wife Mary Bloore, aged 33; son Harry Bloore, scholar, aged 4; son John Bloore, aged 2 and daughter Edith M Bloore, aged 6 months.In 1893 they had their fourth child William Bloore, a few days later Mary died and was buried on the 26th May 1893 at the Cemetery in Norton. William Bloore was baptised on the 28th May 1893 at St Chad’s Church Norton-in-Hales. Less than a year later William died and was buried on the 28th April 1894.

On the 1901 census listed are; William Bloore Junior, agricultural labourer, aged 42; son Harry Bloore, cattle boy on farm, aged 14; son John Bloore, aged 11; daughter Edith M Bloore, aged 10 and housekeeper Harriet Lawrence, aged 46.

By the 1911 census living at number 38 is William Bloore now 52 years old, a domestic garden labourer, his daughter Edith Mary aged 20 and a boarder Thomas Hamlet aged 32, a mole catcher.

In 1919, William married Mary Ann Smith nee Glassey, they lived at number 57.

John Southerton born 1875 at Shawbury to Edward and Hannah Southerton. In 1901, John lived with his brother’s family at Keele, by 1911 he had moved with his brother’s family to Norton-in-Hales, living at number 35.

On the 1921 census listed are George Southerton, farm labourer at Norton Farm, aged 45 and his sister-in-law Sarah Southerton, widow, aged 57.

In 1926 George Southerton married his brothers widow. On the 1939 register listed are John Southerton, general farm labourer and his wife Sarah Southerton.

In 1944, Sarah Southerton died aged 79, Sarah was buried on 26th February 1944 at Norton-in-Hales.

On the 1949 voting records only John is listed at number 38. In 1950, John Southerton died aged 75, on 26th October 1950 John was buried at Norton-in-Hales. Following his death Sarah Alice Ravenscroft nee Southerton of Knighton (John’s niece and Sarah’s daughter) inherited “All those two messuages tenements or dwelling houses with the buildings gardens and land thereto belonging or adjoining situate in Oakley Lane and known as Numbers 38 and 39 Norton in Hales.” She later sold the land where the two bungalows ‘Linley’ and ‘Dunstampyn’ were built in the 1960s.

39 Main Road/ Back Lane

3 rooms listed in 1911

1861 – John Bladford

In 1881 living here were John Moseley a gardener aged 40, his wife Rebecca Moseley aged 36 and a lodger Alfred Jones a groom aged 21 from Oswestry.

William Batho born 1841 at Prees to William and Sarah Batho. In 1869 William married Sarah Wynn at Wem. Before moving to number 39, the Batho family lived at the Old Gate House, Bearstone.

Children of William and Sarah
Annie Jame Batho (1870-1929) – married George Bloore, brother of William Bloore who lived at number 38. They lived at Charn Cottage, just outside the village and later moved into 10 Mucklestone Road in 1939.
William Batho (1872-1940) – in 1900 he married Mary Elizabeth Sproston, they lived at number 11, then later Oakley Hall Farm.
Sarah Elizabeth Batho (1874- ) – in 1901 she married Philip Jones, they lived in Madeley.
Alfred Batho (1876- )
Joseph Batho (1877-1919) – in 1900 he married Annie Morrey, they lived at number 2.
Emily Batho (1879- ) – in 1903 she married John Edwards, they lived at Oakley.
Thomas Batho (1882- )
George Batho (1884-1892)
Alice Batho (1887-1953)
Ethel Batho (1893-1966)

On the 1901 Census William Batho, aged 58, a cowman on the farm, Sarah Batho aged 53, son Alfred aged 25, son Thomas aged 18, daughter Sarah Elizabeth aged 26, daughter Ethel Batho aged 8, granddaughter Sarah J Bloore aged 5 and Elizabeth Anne Bloore aged 2 months were living at number 39.

By the 1911 census only William Batho now 67 years old, a retired farm labourer, Sarah Batho aged 62, son Thomas Batho aged 28 and granddaughter Annie Batho aged 10 were living here.

William Batho died later that year.

George William John Southerton born 1896 at Market Drayton to George and Sarah Southerton. Before living here, George lived at number 35 Main Road with his mother Sarah, younger brother Frederick and uncle John Southerton. In 1914 George enlisted into the Royal Flying Corps as an air mechanic and was discharged in 1917. In 1920, George married Marion Lewis of Little Drayton.

By 1921 number 39 became the Post Office. On the 1921 census listed are; George W J Southerton, joiner, aged 25; his wife Marion Southerton, post office clerk, aged 26; sister-in-law Clarice Lewis, post office clerk, aged 21; daughter Marion Betty Southerton, aged 8 months.

George’s uncle, John Southerton lived next door at number 38.

In 1931 George died, aged 34 years old. On 16th January 1931, George was buried at Norton-in-Hales.

George William John Southerton of 39 Norton in Hales near Market Drayton Shropshire died 13 January 1931 Administration London 4 March to Marion Southerton widow. Effects £1,112 12s.

The following year, Marion Southerton married Thomas Batho, they lived in Shrewsbury.

Mr Walter Malkin was the Postmaster until the Post Office moved in 1933 to number 37 Main Road where Edwin Keay became Postmaster. On the 1939 census Walter G Malkin b.1888 Land Agent Clerk and Edith Malkin b. 1894 are listed at number 39.

Walter George Malkin b.1888 at Norton in Hales, to Frederick Malkin, a groom at Oakley Hall and Alice Malkin. He grew up at 42, Forge Cottage, Norton in Hales. During WWI, Walter enlisted into the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and was discharged in 1918. Walter lost his leg in the war and had a wooden leg. Walter’s Uncle John and Aunty Elen Malkin lived at number 51. Walter married Edith Florence nee Gee in 1927. Edith Malkin died in 1995 aged 100.

1939 – Walter Malkin, Land Agent Clerk; Edith Malkin

1949 – Walter and Edith Malkin

40 Oakley Forge

5 rooms listed in 1911

In the 1827 sale of land, the yard, meadow, house and garden were in the occupation of Sarah Wooley. On 30th December 1840 Sarah Wooley died aged 98.

Thursday 4th April 1844 - At Norton Forge, near Norton-in-Hales. Stack of Hay, about 10 bushels potatoes, fowls, household furniture, &c., of William Woolley.

James Hope born 1836 at Audlem to John and Mary Hope. In 1856, James Hope married Sarah Shuker at Market Drayton. By 1871 the Hope family were living at the Forge.

Children of James and Sarah
Hannah Selina Hope (1859- ) – in 1882 she married William Alfred Davies a coachman and groom, they lived in Newcastle under Lyme.
Harry James Hope (1860-1930) – in 1885 he married Annie Hulmes.
Edwin Hope (1861-1861)
Emily Hope (1863-1871)
Fred Hope (1867-1880)
Tom Hope (1869- ) – in 1889 he married Maud Beresford, was grocers waggoner in Newcastle under Lyme.
Louise Hope (1870- )
Clement Hope (1875- ) – in 1895 he married Email Cheil, was a blacksmith in Longton.

One the 1871 census listed are James Hope, bricklayer aged 35; his wife Sarah Hope, aged 37; daughter Hannah S Hope, aged 12; son Harry Hope, aged 11; daughter Emily Hope, aged 8; son Fred Hope, aged 4; son Tom Hope, aged 2; daughter Louise Hope, aged 10 months.

On the 1881 census listed, James Hope, estate bricklayer and farmer of 2 acres aged 45; his wife Sarah Hope, aged 47; son Harry James Hope, aged 21; son Tom Hope, aged 12; son Clement Hope, aged 6; grandson Albert Hope, aged 1.

On 6th December 1890, Sarah Hope died aged 56. She left a personal estate worth £21 to her husband James Hope.

On the 1891 census listed, James Hope, bricklayer, aged 55; daughter Louise Hope, dressmaker, aged 20; son Clement Hope, blacksmith, aged 17; grandson Albert Hope, aged 11.

In 1892 James Hope remarried.

On the 1901 census listed is James Hope, bricklayer, aged 63 and his wife Martha Hope aged 61.

On the 1911 census listed is James Hope, estate bricklayer, aged 75 and his wife Martha Hope aged 72.

In 1917 James Hope died aged 81.

On the 1921 census only Martha Hope aged 82, is living at number 40.

In January 1926 Martha Hope died aged 86.

1949 – Elizabeth Keay

41 Oakley Forge

3 rooms listed in 1911.

1798 Land Tax Redemption lists Catherine Owen as the occupier of Norton Forge. Catherine was married to George Owen, they are the parents of Samuel Owen. They also had a son James Owen, born 1777. James married twice, both named Elizabeth.

Catherine Owen died in 1813 at Norton-in-Hales.

In the 1827 sale of land, the house, garden, forge pool and meadow were occupied by James Owen.

In 1835 James Owen died aged 58. The 1841 census, lists his widow Elizabeth Owen aged 50, farmer; James Owen, Wheelwright, aged 30; Elizabeth Owen aged 20; William Owen, aged 12 and Emily Owen, aged 10.

On the 1851 census, Elizabeth is 60 years old and is described as a cottager with one cow. Emily is 19 years old and has a 5 month old baby boy called James Owen. James Owen is a widower, his wife Elizabeth died earlier that year, leaving 5 children; Charlotte aged 9, Elizabeth aged 7, Ann aged 5, John aged 3 and Harriet 10 months old.

Children of James and Elizabeth
Charlotte Owen (1842-1871) – was a housemaid at Dorrington, she married William Lawton in 1866 at Mucklestone, following her death William Lawton married Emily Owen.
Elizabeth Owen (1843- ) – was a kitchen maid in Westmorland,
Ann Owen (1845- ) – was a servant at Betton Wood Farm
John Owen (1847- ) – was a harness maker
Alice Owen (1849- 1849)
Harriett Owen (1850- ) was a kitchen maid
James Owen (1851-1851)

On the 1861 census, Elizabeth is 70 years old with no occupation; James Owen (step-son) aged 49, wheelwright and his children John, aged 13 and Harriet aged 10. Emily Owen, aged 29 and her son James Owen, aged 10.

In 1865 Elizabeth Owen (wife of James Owen senior) died aged 74.

On the 1871 census only Emily aged 39, and her son James Owen aged 20, carpenter are living at the forge. In 1873, Emily Owen married William Lawton, the widow of Charlotte Owen and moved to Shavington.

John Holding born 1853 at Market Drayton to Joseph and Ann Holding. In 1871, John married Mary Ann Ridgway. John was labourer and worked at Oakley gardens.

Children of John and Mary
William Holding (1874 – 1918) – was a garden labourer, he married Agnes Feley in 1894, in 1911 they lived at number 28.
John Holding (1875 – ) – was a gardener.
Rose Holding (1877 – ) – was a servant at Yew Tree Farm.
Harry Holding (1879 – 1881)
George Holding (1879 – 1927 ) – was a groom.
Thomas Holding (1882 – )
Frank Holding (1886 – ) – was a groom, during WWI he served in the Machine Gun Corps, Motor Machine Gun Service Royal Artillery.
Robert Holding (1889 – 1977) – during WWI he served in the Machine Gun Corps, Motor Machine Gun Service Royal Artillery.

On the 1891 census listed are John Holding, agricultural labourer, aged 39; his wife Mary Ann aged 40; son John, aged 16; son George, aged 15; son Thomas, aged 8; son Frank, aged 5 and son Robert, aged 2.

On the 1901 census listed are John Holding, garden labourer, aged 48; his wife Mary Ann aged 50; son Frank, garden boy aged 15 and son Robert, aged 12.

By 1911, the holding family move from number 41 to Oakley Forge. In 1925 Ann Holding died and five years later John Holding died.

3rd March 1930 - Tragedy of the fog. Elderly man's body found lying in pit. A fog tragedy was discovered today when the body of John Holding (78), Norton Forge, near Market Drayton, was discovered in a pit near his home. It is thought that he must have lost his way when returning home on Friday evening. An inquest will be held.
The body was recovered from a pool near the farm of Mr Frank Crewe, Norton in Hales on Sunday of Mr John Holding, aged 78 years, of Norton Forge. On Friday evening last week Mr Holding, who was a pensioner, left his home to go to the village. He spent a little time in the village, which he left at 9:50pm. On his way home he had to pass down a lane, at the bottom of which he should have turned to the left in order to get to his home. In the thick fog which prevailed at the time, however,  Mr Holding apparently lost his bearings, and instead of making the turn to the left at the bottom of the lane, he kept straight on and went through a gap into a field. He appears to have wandered about the field in the hope of finding his way, and in the field was discovered a box of spent matches which had been struck in an endeavour to help him to find the route, also the lamp which deceased carried. His body was discovered by the police on Sunday morning in the pool into which he had fallen in the fog. Dr W. Hall (Coroner) conducted the inquest on Monday, when a verdict of “Misadventure by accidentally falling into a pool,” was returned.

1949 – Stanley and Annie Morris

42 Oakley Forge

3 rooms listed in 1911.

1798 Land Tax Redemption lists William Whitfield

In the 1827 sale of land, two houses with gardens were occupied by the Overseers of Norton Poor

Thomas Lawton born 1799 at Ashley, in 1826 he married Martha Meredith of Bearstone.

Children of Thomas and Martha
Maria Lawton (1829 – ) in 1846 she married Henry Proudlove, a police constable.
Emma Lawton (1833 – 1913) in 1862 she married Thomas Underwood, they lived in Mucklestone.
Sarah Lawton (1836 – 1844)
William Lawton (1841 – 1890) – he married Elizabeth Martin in 1867, was a master shoemaker in Market Drayton.
Martha Lawton (1846 – 1866) – she married Thomas/John Pye in 1865

On the 1841 census listed are; Thomas Lawton, aged 42; his wife Martha Lawton, aged 35; daughter Maria, aged 10; daughter Emma, aged 8; daughter Sarah, aged 5 and son William, aged 8 months.

On the 1851 census listed are; Thomas Lawton, labourer, aged 57, his wife Martha aged 48; son William aged 10 and daughter Martha, aged 5.

On the 1861 census listed are; Thomas Lawton, under gardener, aged 61; his wife Martha Lawton, aged 57; son William, shoemaker, aged 20; grandson Frederick Lawton, aged 6 and granddaughter Hannah Lawton, aged 3.

On the 1871 census listed are; Thomas Lawton, gardener, aged 71; his wife Martha Lawton, aged 67 and granddaughter Anne Pye, aged 4.

Thomas Lawton died in 1877, some time after his death Martha Lawton and her granddaughter Anne Pye moved to number 28.

William Glassey born 1843 at Ash, Shropshire, to John and Mary Glassey. In 1876, he married Phoebe Venables of Marbury, Cheshire. In 1901, the Glassey family were living in a cottage near Bellaport Hall.

Children of William and Phoebe
John Glassey (1876- ) – married Alice Dicken in 1897.
James Glassey (1876 – ) – married Alice Jane Cliff in 1895.
William Glassey (1878-1915) – married Elizabeth Lloyd in 1900, he died in WWI.
Mary Ann Glassey (1881- ) – married Levi Smith in 1900, then William Bloore in 1919.
Samuel Glassey (1883- ) – married Mary Johnson in 1901.
Phoebe Glassey (1185- )
Robert Glassey (1887- )
Thomas Glassey (1888- ) – married Caroline Mary Powell.
Richard Glassey (1889-1961)
Sarah Glassey (1891- ) – married Thomas George Powell in 1919.
Arthur Glassey (1896-1970)

In 1906 Phoebe died aged 49. Afterwards William Glassey moved to number 42.

On the 1911 census listed are; William Glassey, widower, farm labourer, aged 69; his daughter Mary Ann Smith, aged 20; grandson Frank Smith, aged 9; grandson Thomas Smith, aged 6 and granddaughter Flory Smith, aged 1.

Thomas Batho for over 40 years farmed a small holding at Oakley Forge. He died in 1959.

Alver Bank

Built in 1922.

28th September 1911 – At Auction Charles Chadwick purchased LOT 1 – All 3 brick and tile cottages with shoemakers shop, out offices and large productive gardens.
2nd May 1919 – Charles Chadwick (vendor) sold the 3 cottages to John Francis Hall (Purchaser) Sarah Ada Bruckshaw (Mortgager) Address given as ‘Central View’
18th June 1928 – dwelling houses 43, 44 and 45, Norton in Hales, with their gardens were released from the written mortgage of Sarah A Bruckshaw.

George Bruckshaw of Alver Bank Norton in Hales Shopshire died 29 August 1929 Probate London 4 October to Sarah Ada Bruckshaw spinster. Effects £395 17s 9d

1939 – Ada Bruckshaw

1949 – Benjamin and Alice Payne, Hannah Crutchley

43 Main Road/ Drayton Road

Part of three cottages that are very old.

3 rooms listed in 1911

On the 1861 census listed are; James Hodskisson, agricultural labourer, aged 39; his wife Ann Hodskisson, aged 40 and their niece Annie Rosina Simon Lunt, aged 4.

On the 1871 census listed are; James Hodskisson, agricultural labourer, aged 46 and his wife Ann Hodskisson, aged 45.

On the 1881 census listed are; James Hodskisson, gardener, aged 60; his wife Ann Hodskisson, aged 61; granddaughter Emily Hodskisson, aged 12 and boarder Mary Davis, aged 4.

The Will of James Hodskisson late of Norton-in-Hales in the county of Salop, labourer who died 25th June 1888 at Norton-in-Hales was proved at Shrewsbury by Ann Hodskisson of Norton-in-Hales widow the relict one of the executors. Personal Estate £61 7s 7d.

James Edwards born 1870 at Buerton to Robert and Elizabeth Edwards. In 1871 he was living with his family at Hankins Hays, Buerton. Aged 21, he was working as a farm servant for Robert Tomkinson at Buerton.

On 29th December 1884, Harriet Timmis, a domestic servant married John Edwards, a labourer of Norton-in-Hales, aged 25 at Norton-in-Hales. By the 9th March 1885 John and Harriet separated. In 1890, Harriet’s estranged husband, John Edwards petitioned for a divorce, claiming damages which was later amended and removed before the divorce was granted in 1892.

In 1891, Harriet Edwards and her son George are listed living in Norton at number 53 at the home of Robert Edwards, James Edwards’s father. Harriet was a housekeeper paid 3 shillings a week, with food and lodgings.

Children of Harriet Edwards
Mary Frances Edwards (1885-1887)
George Herbert Edwards (1890-1941) – in 1911 he was a domestic groom at The Lodge, Tilston, Malpas
Albert Edwin Edwards 1893-1893)
Fanny Elizabeth Edwards (1896-1899)
Edith Edwards (1901-1978) – in 1925 she married John T Woodcock.

Sad death of a child from scalds - G Gordon Warren Esq. coroner , Market Drayton held and inquiry at the Hinds Head Inn , Norton in Hales on Saturday last touching the death of a three year old child of James Edwards, a labourer of Norton in Hales, who died from the result of scalds on the previous Wednesday evening. Mr W F Thomas was foreman of the jury – Harriet Edwards deposed: I am the wife of James Edwards, labourer. The deceased Fanny Elizabeth Edwards was our child. She was two years and seven month olds. On Wednesday last the 26th April about nine o’clock in the morning. I was preparing for washing. I filled a bucket of boiling water and placed it in the house-place. At this time the little girl was in the kitchen. I went for a bucket of cold water and as I went out I met the deceased coming from the kitchen in the house place where the hot water was. She was drawing a little waggon I had given her to play with. When I met her she was walking with her face towards the bucket. I was not away half a minute. I heard the child scream and that brought me back. On going back into the house I saw the child in the bucket in a sitting position as if she turned round when met her and fallen backwards into the bucket. I took her out, called for help and then undressed her. She was badly scalded on the lower part of her body. Mrs Hamlet came and saw the child. Before Mrs Hamlet came I dusted the child with flour and wrapped her up in a sheet and blanket. I sent for Dr Eddows and when he came he said the child was scalded very badly and he did not think she would survive. The child died the same evening. I have one child besides this. The deceased was not insured. In answer to the foreman: the bucket did not turn over: the child simply sat in it. Sarah Hamlet deposed: I know the family well. The parents were very fond of the child. Everything was done for child that we could do and Dr Eddows said we could have done no more. The jury declared a verdict of “Accidental Death”. 1899.

On the 1901 census listed are; James Edwards (single), agricultural labourer, aged 30; domestic housekeeper Harriet Edwards (married), aged 38 and her son Herbert Edwards, aged 11.

On the 1911 census listed are; James Edwards (single), farm labourer, aged 41; boarder Harriet Edwards (widow), charwoman, aged 47 and her daughter Edith Edwards, aged 9.

On the 1921 census listed are; James Edwards (single), agricultural labourer for William Eardley, Bellaport Lodge Farm, aged 52; servant Harriet Edwards (widow), housekeeper, aged 58 and her daughter Edith Edwards, general domestic servant (out of work), aged 20.

In 1932 James Edwards died, aged 63. On 27 Aug 1932 he was buried at Norton-in-Hales.

Late Mr J Edwards - The funeral of Mr James Edwards, of 43 Drayton Road, who died on Thursday last week at the age of 63 years, took place on Saturday afternoon in the cemetery. The mourners included: Mr and Mrs H Edwards (Manchester), Miss Joan Edwards, Mr and Mrs J Woodcock (Madeley), Master John Woodcock, Mrs W Bloor, Mr Pruce and Mr A Pruce. The bearers were Mr T Hamlet, Mr F Morrey. Mr T A Silvester and Mr A Jones. 1932.

Harriet Edwards died in 1941 aged 80, on 5 May 1941 she was buried at Norton-in-Hales.

Late Mrs H Edwards - The funeral took place on Tuesday of Mrs Harriett Edwards who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs J Woodcock, of Madeley at the age of 80. She was the widow of Mr James Edwards of 43 Drayton Road, Norton-in-Hales and for many years was caretaker of the village school. The service in St Chad's Church was taken by the Rector, the Rev P R Pierce and the bearers were Messrs A Jones, T Vickers, T Sylvester and T Hamlett. The mourners included Mr and Mrs J Woodcock, son-in-law and daughter; Mr and Mrs B Edwards, son and daughter-in-law; John Woodcock, grandson; Mr and Mrs Booth and Mr and Mrs Scott, brothers-in-law and sisters; Mr and Mrs Lowndes, Mrs J Woodcock, nephew and nieces; Mrs Peacock, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Chadwick, Mrs T Sylvester, Mr B Pruce and Mrs Pruce, Miss Evans, Mrs Wickstead, Miss Millington and Mrs A Morrey. There were many beautiful floral tributes. 1941.

1939 – Joseph and Gertrude Batho

1949 – George, Bernard and Margaret Walters.

Funeral of Mrs E M Fearnall. The funeral took place at St James's Church, Christleton, on Friday of Mrs Evelyn Maria Fearnall of 43 Main Road, Norton-in-Hales, near Market Drayton, who died on the previous Wednesday, the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs W D Horton. The Rev. L Skipper officiated Mrs Fearnall, who was 87, was the widow of Mr Thomas Fearnall, who farmed all his life on the Duke of Westminster's estate. At one time the family farmer Saighton Hall near Chester, and later Holly Bank near Tarporley. After the death of her husband, Mrs Fearnall made her home with her daughter, Miss M Fearnall, at Norton-in-Hales. She had been staying at Marton Hall for about three weeks before her death. Friday 1st July 1966

44 Main Road/ Drayton Road

Part of three cottages that are very old. In 1911 number 44 is listed as having 3 rooms.

Abraham Vernon born 1808 at Market Drayton to George Vernon and Ruth Cliff. In 1828, at Market Drayton Abraham married Mary Hallmark born 1808 at Hodnet. Before moving to Norton, Abraham and Mary lived in Betton with their children.

Children of Abraham and Mary
Fanny Vernon (1831- )
Sampson Vernon (1833-1903)
Isaac Vernon (1837-1911) – in 1866, he married Betsey Minshall, they lived at number 34.
Jacob Vernon (1839- )
Elizabeth Vernon (1842-1920) – in1868, she married George Frederick Minshall, they lived at number 33.
Annie Vernon (1844- )
Ruth Vernon (1846- )
Paul Vernon (1850-1951)

On the 1871 census listed are; Abraham Vernon, agricultural labourer, aged 65; his wife Mary Vernon, aged 62 and their daughter Elizabeth Minshall, carpenters wife, aged 30.

On the 1881 census listed are; Abraham Vernon, agricultural labourer, aged 76 and his wife Mary Vernon, aged 73.

On the 1891 census listed are; Abraham Vernon, living on own means, aged 86 and his wife Mary Vernon, aged 84.

In 1892 Mary Vernon died aged 84, she was buried on 16 Jan 1892 at Norton-in-Hales. In 1896 Abraham Vernon died, aged 88, he was buried on 13 Feb 1896 at Norton-in-Hales.

In 1899 Henry Hamlet married Mary Jane Evans at Woore, Shropshire. Afterwards they moved into 44 Main Road.

On the 1911 census, Henry Hamlet, molecatcher, aged 40; Mary Jane Hamlet (wife), aged 42 and Emma Evan, widower, aged 86. Emma Evans died in 1912.

1921 – Charles Cliffe 55, Emma Cliffe 55 and Reginald Colin Cliffe 9

1939 – William and Marjorie Morrey

1949 – Ethel White

45 Main Road/ Drayton Road

Part of three cottages that are very old.

5 rooms listed in 1911

James Wainwright was in his early 20’s when he met Reverent Frederick Silver, he had been living in a caravan by the river Tern. Frederick found him somewhere more permanent to stay and where he could continue his business as a shoemaker. So James moved into an end cottage on Main Road. James soon became actively involved in church life and took up organ playing and bell ringing. Frederick and James became good friends and James later went on to become the parish clerk, sexton, district registrar and Sunday school teacher in the village. Whilst doing my research I have come across many examples of his beautiful copperplate writing.

James Wainwright was born in 1830 at Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, to Samuel Wainwright and Alice Bowker. In 1854 James married Ann Ridgeway. Ann was born 8 Nov 1831 at the Wickey Tree Farm and was the youngest daughter of Joseph and Sarah Ridgeway. In 1851 before their marriage Ann is listed on the census as a housemaid to William Norcop at Betton Hall.

Children of James and Ann
Arthur Wainwright (1857 – 1858)
James Bowker Wainwright (1858 – 1926) – went on to become a manager of a cigar and coffee store in Manchester.
William Wainwright (1860 – 1861)
Joseph Francis Wainwright (1862 – 1863)
Walter Wainwright (1864 – ) – served in the Royal Horse Artillery from 1886 when he was 22 years old.
Octavius Edward Wainwright (1867 – 1868)
John Wainwright (1867 – ) – became a house furnisher’s manager in Birmingham.
Katherine Ann Wainwright (1869 – 1894) – was a dressmaker.

On the 1861 census listed are; James Wainwright, parish clerk registrar and shoemaker (maker employing apprentice), aged 31; his wife Ann Wainwright, aged 29; son James Bowker Wainwright, aged 2; son William Wainwright, aged 8 months; nephew John Ridgway, shoemaker apprentice, aged 18 and niece Hannah Turner, nurse girl, aged 10.

In 1861 James’s father Samuel a coachman, step-mother Penelope and step-brothers John and Joseph, were all living in Norton.

On the 1871 census listed are; James Wainwright, shoemaker master & parish clerk registrar, aged 41; his wife Ann Wainwright, aged 30; son James B Wainwright, aged 12; son Walter Wainwright, aged 7; son John Wainwright, aged 4 and daughter Katherine Wainwright, aged 2.

On the 1881 census listed are; James Wainwright, cordwainer, employing 1 boy, aged 51; his wife Ann Wainwright, aged 49; son John Wainwright, aged 15; daughter Katherine Ann Wainwright, aged 12 and boarder apprentice Robert Millington, cordwainer’s apprentice, aged 16.

On the 1891 census listed are; James Wainwright, bootmaker & registrar, aged 61; his wife Ann Wainwright, aged 59; son Walter Wainwright, corporal field artillery, aged 27; daughter Katherine A Wainwright, dressmaker, aged 22 and apprentice William Norton, bootmaker’s apprentice, aged 18.

On the 1901 census listed are James Wainwright, bootmaker, coal dealer, parish clerk registrar, aged 71 and his wife Ann Wainwright, aged 69.

On the 1911 census listed are James Wainwright, bootmaker & coal dealer, aged 81 and his wife Ann Wainwright, aged 79.

In 1912 after five days of illness James Wainwright died aged 82 years. He was buried at the remote cemetery on 10th August 1912. Ann Wainwright died on 14 March 1920 after a long illness.

On 3rd September 1913, at Gloucester, Albert Edward Pruce, gardener of Asylum Lodge, Hyde Lane, aged 25 married Alice Annie Stevens, aged 27, daughter of Samuel Stevens a scale maker. By 1915 Albert and Alice had their only son Albert Edward Pruce, born at Norton-in-Hales.

During the First World War, Albert Edward Pruce was a Corporal of the 6th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry. He was killed in action during the France-Flanders campaign on 16th August 1917 Aged 29 years.

On the 1921 census listed are; Alice Annie Pruce, widow, aged 34; her son Albert Edward Pruce, aged 5 and her father Samuel Stevens, aged 72.

A History Murder Story

1939 – James and Ellen Wilkinson

Laurel Cottage / 46 Drayton Road

7 rooms listed in 1911

From the details taken from James Owen’s Will it’s assumed that James built Laurel Cottage as he owned the 3 cottages (43,44 45) and land at this time. Laurel Cottage was built circa 1860.

In 1871 James Owen b.1816 Audlem, retired Wheelwright and his wife Ellen b.1808 Mucklestone were living at Laurel Cottage with their daughter Mary Owen b.1849 and Grandson William H Owen.

Before moving to Norton, James and Ellen lived at the Blue Bull, Winnington, Staffordshire as a Publican and Wheelwright aged 45, Ellen aged 53 and children George 14, Mary 12, Alice 4.

In 1875 Ellen Owen died. James remarried a couple of years later on 20th January 1877 to Mary Ann Spragg a widower of Norton in Hales.

1881 – James Owen

Mary Ann Owen died in 1885 she was buried on 23rd May 1885 at Norton in Hales cemetery.

The Will of James Owen late of Norton in Hales in the county of Salop Gentleman who died 27 September 1888 at Norton in Hales was proved at Shrewsbury by George Owen of 62 Lower-Broughton-road Lower Broughton in the county of Lancaster Grocer the son one of the executors. Personal Estate worth £424 1s 5d

James Owen was buried on 1st October 1888 at Norton-in-Hales.

24th August 1889 - TO LET, for immediate possession, Laurel Cottage, Norton in Hales; seven rooms, garden, stable, coach-house etc. Apply James Wainwright Norton in Hales

George Haughton, butcher.

Butchering - An apprentice wanted; one used to horses preferred - Apply, Houghton, Butcher, Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton. 1901.
28th September 1911 - I William Henry Owen the oldest son of the Vendor and the Grandson of the said James Owen died a bachelor and intestate at New Jersey United States of America on 12th September 1894 without disentailing the property and the Purchaser shall be satisfied with such evidence of this death as is in the possession of the vendor to this effect at the expense of the purchaser. 

This is when the land, three cottages, Laurel Cottage and Rose Cottage were sold at auction.

1911 Lot 2 - That well built small residence known as "Laurel Cottage" containing seven rooms and out-houses and excellent the occupation of Mr S Barratt at a yearly rent of £13.

On the 1911 census Samuel Barratt b.1839, a retired joiner from Newcastle, Staffordshire, residing with his wife Mary Barratt b.1850 and two of their children Elizabeth aged 30 a sewing machinist – tailoring and Samuel aged 25. They also have three boarders – Henry Pye aged 10, Alice Pye aged 8 and Elsie Talbot 2 months old.

Samuel Barratt died and was buried on 21st December 1911 at the cemetery at Norton in Hales.

Mary Barratt is detailed receiving money for being a widow within the Norton in Hales accounts until 1916.

In 1919 Henry Hamlet b.1871 and his wife Mary Hamlet b.1868 move from 44 to 46 Main Road. By 1933 Arthur Jones b.1890 lodged with the Hamlets. Arthur was an estate worker, sweeping the roads and keeping the water gutter clear. People with cows lived in fear of Mr. Jones because they had to move their cows twice daily, from their small-holdings to the fields in the summer, and Mr. Jones always complained of the cow muck on the road. In 1941 Henry Hamlet died, Following his death Mary Hamlet moved to 25 Main Road to live with her niece.

1939 – Henry Hamlet, Molecatcher; Mary Hamlet

Henry Hamlet of 46 Norton in Hales Market Drayton Salop died 11 July 1941 Probate Llandudno 19 August to Mary Jane Hamlet widow Effects £297 8s 7d.

1949 Mary J Hamlet

Arthur George Jones died in 1956, aged 66 at the home of Mrs Hamlet. He formerly lived with his parents at the Hinds Head Inn, Norton in Hales. He was educated at the old Grammar School Market Drayton. During the 1914-18 war he served as a stoker on H.M.S Warspite and was later employed on the Oakley Estate of Mr C. C. Dennis and then for the Shropshire County Council. He was a keen horticulturist and was for many years a bell ringer at the Parish Church.

Rose Cottage/ Rose Villa/ 47 Drayton Road

6 rooms listed in 1911

In 1881 Elizabeth Read b.1816 Wrenbury, Cheshire, a widower and retired farmers wife was living at Rose Villa aged 65. Living with her as a general domestic servant was Mary Morrey b.1854 Mucklestone.

Elizabeth’s husband Thomas Read a master farmer of Aston, Stafford died on 30th August 1868 leaving effect of under £7,000 to his widow and son.

In 1891 Elizabeth now 75 years, still residing at Rose Villa, with her unmarried sister Ellen Manley aged 68 and a general domestic servant Anne Morrey b.1873, Newcastle, Staffs.

The Will of Elizabeth Read late of Norton in Hales in the county of Salop widow who died 23 April 1891 at Norton in Hales was proven at the principle registry by Samuel Hope of Knighton in the parish of Stafford builder and Samuel Dunn of Willoughbridge Lodge in the said parish farmer the executors. Effects £6,496 9s 3d
To Let, Rose Villa, Norton-in-Hales, pleasantly situated, two sitting rooms, three bedrooms, kitchen, large garden, &c - Apply Jas Wainwright. 1891

In 1901, living here was John Mellor, aged 71; his wife Harriet Mellor, a laundress; his step-daughter Annie Nevitt aged 29, laundress and daughter Agnes Mellor, laundress aged 24. The family had moved her from number 27

John died in August 1905 and Harriet Mellor died in 1909.

In 1911 Annie Nevitt is still living at Rose Cottage, along with her cousin Thomas Edward Radcliffe b.1893, a grocers apprentice. Annie left Rose Cottage in 1919 to 28 Main Road, then afterwards in 48 Chapel Lane where she lived with Miss Rathbone. Annie Nevitt died in 1950.  

1911 Lot 3 - "Rose Cottage" a similar residence to and adjoining Lot 2 [Laurel Cottage] with Laundry, Out-offices and Garden in the occupation of Mrs. Nevett at a yearly rent of £13.

1921 – Alfred Parr 72 and Emily Parr 67 (NIH)

1939 John Storey, Woolen Merchant (retired) and Nellie Storey

1949 Gladys Storey

The late Mrs N Storer. Cremation took place on Friday of Mrs Nellie Storer, the widow of Mr J Storer, of Main Road, Norton-in-Hales, aged 85, Mrs Storer leaves an only daughter. The service at Carmountside Crematorium was conducted by the Rev. Basil Stratton (Vicar of Market Drayton). 26th August 1955

48 Chapel Lane

2 rooms listed in 1911.

1871 – George Evan born 1826 at Norton-in-Hales to John Evans and Sarah Duckers. George married Ann Savanes in 1849 at Norton. They lived for a number of years in the village and on the 1861 census they are living in Shrewsbury and George aged 35 is a police officer. In 1867, Ann Evans died. In 1871, George Evans married Martha Jones.

Children of George and Ann
Alfred John Evans (1848 – )
Sarah Ann Evans (1850 – ) – married Thomas Vyse.
Margaret Evans (1852- ) – her son was John Bertram Evans born 1874 at Norton-in-Hales.
William George Evans (1862 – ) – was a police constable.

By 1871, George Evans aged 44 is an agricultural labourer, his wife Martha Evans is 38 years old and William George Evans is aged 9 and at school.

On the 1881 census George is listed as 55 years old, Martha is 45 years old. Living with them is their son William George Evans, a butcher, aged 19; grandson John Bertie [Bertram] Evans, aged 6 and grandson William Vyse, aged 2.

On the 1891 census George is listed as 65 years old, Martha is 54 years old. Still living with them is their grandson William Vyse aged 12.

On the 1901 census George is listed as 75 years old, Martha is 57 years old. Living with them is their grandson John Evans, a wheelwright aged 27.

On 18th December 1905 George Evans died aged 79. Following George’s death, Martha moved into the house next door.

1911 – Richard John William Duckett aged 30, assurance agent

1921 – By the 1921 census George and Mary Guilford had moved from 16 Beswick Lane to live here. With them on the census, living with them is their daughter Ada Guard nee Guilford and her son William George Bernard Guard 1. George is now in his 70s, he is still a farm labourer and is working for Mr Swire at Norton Wood Farm. In 1927 George Guilford died and is buried at the remote cemetery. In 1937 Mary Guilford died, aged 75 and is also buried at the remote cemetery

1939 – Ada Guard, William Guard. By 1949, Ada has moved to 17 Beswick Lane.

1949 – Evelyn H Rathbone and Annie Nevitt.

49 Chapel Lane/ Chapel House

The Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in 1835, in 1851 it had seating for 100
3 rooms listed

1861 – William Owen 30, Martha Owen 27.

1871 – Richard Halfpenny 40, May Halfpenny 15.

On the 1901 census, Emma Evans, living on own means, aged 73. By 1911, Emma Evans had moved and was living with the Hamlet’s at number 44.

1911 – Martha Evans had moved from number 48, on the 1911 census she is living on her own aged 73.

By 1921 Martha Evans aged 83, living with her as a boarder was Arthur George Jones, son of John Bishop Jones. His occupation is listed on the 1921 census as gardener. Arthur George Jones later moves to 46 Main Road.

In 1922 Martha Evans died, she was buried at the remote cemetery on 10th August 1922.

Lot 8 (with vacant possession). Brick and stone dwelling house with shed, piggeries and large garden, being no. 49, Norton-in-Hales, near Market Drayton, lately occupied by Mrs Martha Evans, deceased. 1922

1939 –

1949 – Edward and Mary Christina Joyce, Gertrude Williams

Well situated country cottage know as Chapel House, Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton, within a few minutes walk of the Railway station and about 3 miles from Market Drayton. With large garden and croft of land, the whole having an area of about 1/2 acre. The house is well built of stone and tiled and contains: sitting room, kitchen with sink and boiler, larder, 2 bedrooms, outside coal house and lavatory, large wooden garage for two cars, or workshop, main water and electric light laid on and the house is wired for a telephone, good garden with productive fruit trees and large well tilled croft of ground adjoining. 1951

Methodist Connections

Elijah Cooper an English Methodist minster was born at Norton-in-Hales, 6th August 1828 to Thomas and Sarah Cooper. He lost his parents in youth; was removed to Tunstall, where he attended the Primitive Methodist Sunday school; became a teacher; was early converted, being always serious and was accepted as a local preacher. He settled in at Shrewsbury, as a supernumeracy, working until his death on 17th May 1882.

50 Chapel Lane/ Bell Cottage

In the 1827 sale of land the house and garden were occupied by Abraham Bloore.

4 rooms listed in 1911

1881 – ?James Ruscoe 37

William Hamlet born 1837 at Moreton Say, to John and Elizabeth Hamlet. In 1870, William married Sarah Powell, born 1838 at Prees. By 1891 William and Sarah Hamlet were living in Norton-in-Hales with their family.

Children of William and Sarah
William Powell/Hamlet (1865 – 1942) – was a mole catcher, he lived at number 27
Henry Hamlet (1871 – 1941) – married Mary Jane Evans, lived at number 44 and later number 46
Elizabeth Hamlet (1872 – 1933) – married Edgar Madeley
Thomas Hamlet (1879 – 1956) – married Mabel Taylor, they lived at number 25

On the 1891 census listed are William, mole catcher and agricultural labourer, aged 55; wife Sarah, aged 54; son William, mole catcher aged 26; son Henry, mole catcher aged 20; son Thomas, aged 12; brother George, wheelwright, aged 25.

On the 1901 census listed are William, mole catcher, aged 64; wife Sarah, aged 63 and son Thomas, mole catcher aged 22.

In 1909 Sarah Hamlet died aged 71, following her death, William, now a retired farmer, went to live as a boarder at 52 Main Road with Agnes Edwards and Samuel Ravencroft both widowers. Thomas Hamlet went to live as a boarder 38 Main Road with William Bloore and Edith Mary Boore.

Job Wetton born 1878 at Ashley to William and Emma Wetton. In 1907, Job married Hannah Bailey, born 1875 at Scot Hay.

On the 1911 census listed are Job Wetton, dairy farmer, aged 33; wife Hannah Wetton, aged 36; son William Wetton aged 3; brother William Wetton, gardener, aged 31; mother Emma Wetton, aged 55 and visitor Lilian Turner, aged 4.

On the 1921 census listed are Job Wetton, dairy farmer aged 44; wife Hannah Wetton, aged 47; son William Wetton aged 12; Visitors – Elizabeth Bedson aged 74 and Nevil John Bedson aged 1.

In 1924 Job died aged 46.

1939 – Thomas Vickers

1949 – Evelyn Dennis, Edith Hodgkiss

51 Main Road/ The Cottage

6 rooms listed on the 1911 census

Samuel Spragg born 1806 at Norton-in-Hales to Thomas Spragg and Mary Bartlem. In 1835 Samuel married Betsey Bloore, daughter of Daniel and Mary Bloore of the Hawk and Buckle public house, Norton-in-Hales. On the 1841 census, Samuel who is working a gamekeeper and Betsey are living with Daniel Bloore and a couple of servants. On 21 January 1842 Betsey died aged 34. In 1843 Samuel married his second wife, Mary Spragg daughter of James and Nelly Spragg of Audlem.

Children of Samuel and Mary
William Spragg (1845 – )
Betsey Spragg (1847 – 1876)

In 1876 Mary Spragg died aged 63. In 1880, Samuel married his third wife Sarah Jenkins of Wrockwardine.

In 1882 Samuel Spragg died aged 73.

Fatal accident to an old man. On Saturday evening an old man named Samuel Spragg who is well known in this neighbourhood, fell downstairs and was killed, under circumstances detailed hello. On Monday last an inquest was held at the gryphon arms in, before G. Gordon Warren, Esq, (Coroner) and the following jury:- Messrs John Eardley, John Wainwright, William Beeston, J Minshall, James Wainwright, Abijah Garton, George Bruckshaw, Joseph Madeley, J Jones, Daniel Eardley, Joseph Bibby, J Matthews, and H T Morris. The jury having viewed the body, the following evidence was added: William Spragg, sworn, said: I am the son of the deceased, Samuel Spragg. He was 77 years of age. I lived with him in the same house. I reached home on Saturday night about 10:30. I had been at the Griffin’s Arms. I was sober. I found my father in bed. I went into the house, He came downstairs. He looked at the clock, and said it was nearly bedtime. I went upstairs to my room, and left him in the house. My father had his trousers on, and was partly undressed. He came up to my door and said, “I will go and fetch you a light” I heard him go down and then turn back. I should think he had gone about three steps when he fell. I went down. He was at the bottom. I asked Mr Jenkins to open the front door. I got to him, and Jenkins opened the door. Mt father never spoke. He moaned a bit. He was bleeding from the back of his head. He had no shoes on. My usual candlestick was downstairs. It was light enough without it. I was in bed when my father came to my room and told me he would fetch me a light, and I told him he need not. I made no noise out of doors. John Jenkins, on his oath, said: I am brother-in-law to the deceased man. I remember William Spragg coming home on Saturday night. I was in bed, and heard the father go to his son. I heard them talking for 1/4 of an hour. I am inclined to think William Spragg was drunk. The father and son were on good terms together. William Spragg is quiet and unoffensive when he is sober. He is not one of the brightest. I believe that the son went to bed first, but the father was close behind him. William had got into his room, and the father said, “I'll fetch thee a light.” William could not have got into bed. In a few minutes I heard something fall, and thought it was William falling against one of the chairs in his room. Then my sister open the door, and said her Master had tumbled downstairs. I jumped up, slipped on my trousers, and found William trying to open the door. When I heard the fall, I heard no exclamation, and I did not hear him speak after. My sister brought a light. William lifted up his head, and there was a great quantity of blood. I said “He is killed” my sister and William burst into tears. I fetched Mr Wainwright in. Doctor Eddowes was sent for. A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned. William Spragg was censored by the coroner, at the request of the jury, for his conduct on the evening of the first of July, they being of the opinion that he was drunk on coming home and that his state in all probability contributed to his father’s death. Thomas Pimlett was cautioned against supplying liquor to persons in a drunken state.

In 1883 Sarah Spragg died aged 70 years.

Sarah Spragg - The Will of Sarah Spragg late of Norton-in-Hales in the county of Salop widow who died 23rd February 1883 at Norton-in-Hales was proved at Shrewsbury by John Jenkins Yeoman the Brother and James Owen Gentlemen both of Norton-in-Hales the executors. Personal Estate £365 8s.

Sarah Barker nee Keay, born in 1850 at Norton-in-Hales to John and Sarah Keay of Brook Farm. In 1875 at St Chad’s Church Sarah Keay, dressmaker and George Barker, draper of Silverdale were married, their witnesses were Edwin Keay (brother) and Martha Keay (sister). Following their marriage Sarah and George lived in Silverdale at Manchester House, a drapers shops. By 1891, they had returned to Norton-in-Hales with their young family to ‘The Cottage’. George, aged 42 is listed as a retired draper.

Children of Sarah and George

May Barker (1879 – 1954)
John Sidney Barker (1880 -)
Sarah Nellie Barker (1882 – 1955) – was a teacher at Norton-in-Hales school until 1906, she married William Furber in 1913 and lived at Beltchley Manor.
George Clifford Barker (1883 – 1935) – vicar of St Paul’s,Walsall

In 1900, George Barker died. By 1909 Sarah had moved to Yew Tree Farm.

John and Ellen Malkin had moved from number 28 to number 51.

Children of John and Ellen
John Edward Malkin (1891-1915)
Helen Ann Malkin (1893-1981) – she married Thomas Henry Whateley in 1914.
Annie Nancy Malkin (1895-1990) – on the 7th June 1920 Annie Malkin married Wilfred Norman Chell at St Chad’s Church.
Daniel Bayford Malkin (1902-1986) – he married Nellie Pye in 1922.

On the 1911 census listed are; John Malkin, estate bricklayer’s labourer, aged 48; his wife Ellen Malkin, aged 48; son John Edward Malkin, domestic gardener, aged 19; daughter Helen Ann Malkin, dressmaker, aged 17; son Daniel Brayford Malkin, aged 9. Also living with them was William Thomas, domestic gardener, aged 20. Their daughter Annie Nancy Malkin aged 15 is listed on the census at 1 Bellport Lodge, Lodge Farm as a servant for the Eardley family.

In 1914, John Edward Malkin joined up along with Colonel Sir Lovelace Stammer. John Radford Norcop, Percy Jones, Arthur Glassey, James Morrey, Henry Morrey, Joseph Morrey. Herman Fisher, Joseph Mottram, Oliver Chidlow, Edward Ratcliffe, Sam Swire and Alfred Boughey from Norton-in-Hales.

On the 8th October 1914 at St Chad’s Church, Norton in Hales Helen Ann Malkin married Thomas Henry Whateley.

In 1915, John Edward Malkin of the 5th Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry was killed in action on 25th September 1915 during an enemy bombardment of trenches at “Railway Wood” near Ypres. Aged 24 years. He is remembered at Panel 47-49 at Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

20th November 1915 - Memorial service - a special service was held in the parish church on Sunday evening, in memory of Private John Malkin, killed in action in France on September 25th and Private William Forrester, who died of wounds in France on October 17th. Special psalms and hymns were sung and the prayers included several forms of service for the burial of the dead. The service close with hymn "holy Father in thy mercy hear our anxious prayers keep our loved ones now far absent, "neath thy care" which was sung by the congregation kneeling.

On the 1921 census listed are; John Malkin, grocers, aged 58; his wife Ellen Malkin, grocer’s assistant, aged 58 and adopted daughter Vera Malkin, aged 9.

MALKIN Ellen of 51 Norton-in-Hales near Market Drayton Shropshire (wife of John Malkin) died 1 September 1932 Probate London 27 September to Daniel Brayford Malkin farm worker and Thomas Henry Whateley chauffeur. Effects £426 18s

On the 1934 Directory – John Malkin (Clerk), Helen Whateley (Shopkeeper) in Norton in Hales

MALKIN John of 51 Norton in Hales near Market Drayton Salop died 19 May 1936. Probate London 18 June to Daniel Brayford Malkin farm labourer and Thomas Henry Whateley chauffeur. Effects £930 13s 5d.

Following John’s death in 1936, Helen Whateley nee Malkin and her family are living at number 51.

Thomas Henry Whateley a native of Suffolk he had resided in the Market Drayton districted for over 50 years. For about 20 years he was employed as a chauffeur at Old Springs Hall for Francis Egerton Harding and later for a number of years was the steward of the Hales District Club. In 1921 the Whateley family were living at Brockley Moor, Market Drayton.

Children of Thomas and Helen
Frances E Whateley (1915- )
John Henry Whateley (1921- )
Elise Maragret Whateley (1922-1923)
Vera C Whateley (1926- )

In 1939 living here were; Thomas Henry Whateley, caretaker village institute and chauffeur (retired), aged 53; his wife Helen A Whateley, shopkeeper (grocer), aged 49; daughter Frances Whateley, shop assistant, aged 24; daughter Vera C Whateley, aged 13 and daughter Betty (Elizabeth Mary) Williams, aged 8.

1949 – Thomas H Whateley, Helen A Whateley, John H Whateley and Vera C Whateley.

In 1960, Thomas H Whateley died, aged 74. In 1981, Helen Ann Whateley died, aged 87

52 Main Road/ Drayton Road

4 rooms listed in 1911

William Ravenscroft born 1831 at Wybunbury, Cheshire. In 1855, at Mucklestone, William married Elizabeth Morrey. Elizabeth Morrey born 1836 at Bearstone. After the marriage, they lived in Mucklestone and then Dorrington.

Children of William and Elizabeth
Samuel Ravenscroft (1856 – )
George Ravenscroft (1859 – 1936) – in 1884 George married Hannah Adams, they lived at Oakley
Agnes Ravenscroft (1861 – 1923) – in 1891 Agnes married Robert Edwards of number 43

On the 1871 census the family are living in Norton-in-Hales; William Ravenscroft, agricultural labourer, aged 38; his wife Elizabeth Ravenscroft, aged 33; son Samuel Ravenscroft, blacksmith, aged 15; son George Ravenscroft, scholar, aged 13 and daughter Agnes Ravenscroft, scholar, aged 10.

On the 1881 census listed are William Ravenscroft, agricultural labourer, aged 48; his wife Elizabeth Ravenscroft, aged 46; son Samuel Ravenscroft, journeyman blacksmith, aged 25; son George Ravenscroft, journeyman carpenter, aged 22 and daughter Agnes Ravenscroft, dressmaker, aged 20.

On the 1891 census listed are William Ravenscroft, agricultural labourer, aged 50; his wife Elizabeth Ravenscroft, aged 55; and daughter Agnes Ravenscroft, dressmaker, aged 30.

In 1895 Elizabeth Ravenscroft died aged 59, she was buried on 19th March 1895 at Norton-in-Hales.

On the 1901 census listed are William Ravenscroft, agricultural labourer, aged 72 and his daughter Agnes Edwards, dressmaker, aged 39.

In 1909 William Ravenscroft died aged 78, he was buried on 15th Feb 1909 at Norton-in-Hales.

On the 1911 census, Agnes Edwards aged 48 is head of the household. Living with her is her brother Samuel Ravenscroft, blacksmith (shoeing and general), aged 54 and a boarder William Hamlet, retired farmer, aged 74.

By the 1921 census, Agnes Edwards aged 60 was living at Knighton with her Nephew Harry Ravenscroft, wheelwright, aged 32 and his wife Sarah Alice Ravenscroft nee Southerton, aged 32.

In 1923 Agnes Edwards died aged 62, on 27th April 1923 she was buried at Norton-in-Hales.

!921 – Joseph Brassington

1939 – John Burgess

53 Main Road/ Drayton Road

4 rooms listed in 1911

1911 – Percy Betton aged 25, cowman and Anne Betton aged 29

1939 – William Rosier

1949 – John and Nellie Butter

54 Main Road/ Drayton Road

4 rooms listed in 1911

1911 – John Penlington aged 66, estate labourer

1939 – Sarah Reid, Martha Allan

1942 – Sarah Jane Reid

55 Main Road/ Drayton Road

4 rooms listed in 1911

George Silvester born 1863 to George Silvester and Mary Tudor, living at Brockley Lodge, Adderley. In 1888, George married Jane Hall. In 1891, George and Jane Silvester and their young family were living with George’s parents at Brockley Lodge. By 1901, they were living at number 55.

Children of George and Jane
Percy George Silvester (1888 – 1978) – was a wheelwright, he married Laura Cooper and lived at Mill House, Oakley.
Arthur Thomas Silvester (1889 – 1981) – worked for Jesse Rathbone at number 20 as a butcher. In 1911 Arthur Thomas, a butcher was boarding with the Rathbone family at 20, Norton in Hales. On 3rd August 1914 Arthur married Sarah Reynolds Stephens (a Cook at the Rectory) at St Chad’s Church, Norton in Hales. During WWI he served in the Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry and Motors). In 1939 he lived at number 17. Arthur Thomas Silvester died in 1981 aged 92.
Lily Jane Silvester (1890 – 1976) – married Robert Holding in 1911. They lived at Oakley Lodge.
Edgar William Silvester (1892 – 1960) – was a wheelwright. During WWI he served in the Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry and Motors). On 23rd January 1927 George married Edith Annie Peake at St Chad’s Church, Norton in Hales. They lived in Market Drayton.
Olive Mary Silvester (1898 – ) – was a servant at the Rectory.
Archie Andrew Silvester (1905 – 1995) – lived in Market Drayton.
Nellie Kate Silvester (1906 – 1959) – married William Hayward in 1927.

On the 1901 census listed, George Silvester, wheelwright and farmer; his wife Jane Silvester, aged 35; son Percy G, aged 12; son Arthur Thomas, aged 11; daughter Lily Jane, aged 10; daughter Olive Mary, aged 3.

In 1910, Jane Silvester died aged 44, she was buried at the cemetery at Norton-in-Hales on 8th November 1910.

On the 1911 census listed are; George Silvester, wheelwright, aged 47; son Percy George Silvester, wheelwright, aged 22; son Edgar William Silvester, wheelwright, aged 19; son Archie Andrew Silvester, aged 6; daughter Lily Jane Silvester, domestic housekeeper, aged 20 and daughter Nellie Kate Silvester, aged 5.

In 1913, George Silvester remarried Lucy Cooper of Hinstock.

1921 William Morrey

1939 – William Morrey, Smallholder & Joiner; Gertrude Morrey

Gertrude Annie Morrey of 55 Main Road, Norton-in-Hales, Market Drayton, Salop died 22 November 1972. Probate Sheffield 9 April £6,937.

1949 – William, James, Annie and Lucy Whittingham

56 Main Road/ Tudor Cottage

In the 1827 sale of land, the cottage and garden were occupied by John Meakin.

6 rooms listed in 1911

Thomas Tudor was born in 1810 at High Ercall, Shropshire. He married Margaret Beazenal on 20th October 1836 at St Chad’s Church, Norton-in-Hales.

Children of Thomas and Margaret
Mary Tudor (1837 – 1915) – married George Silvester and lived at Brockley Lodge.
George Tudor (1840 – 1911) – lived in Aston, Birmingham.
Elizabeth Tudor (1844 – 1922) – in 1869 she married John Pitchford a farmer of the Brand.
Jane Tudor (1848 – 1923) in 1877 she married Samuel Sproson, they lived at Oakley Hall Farm.
Thomas Tudor (1852 – 1931) – in 1878 he married Mary Ann Davis, he was a coach builder, they lived at 20 School Lane, Market Drayton.

In 1841 the Tudor family were living at ‘Goose Cottage’ Norton in Hales, it is not clear if this is the same house or if they lived elsewhere in the village. Up until 1871 Thomas’s occupation is listed as a farm labourer, by 1871 he is listed as a farmer of 9 acres.

Thomas died in 1888, aged 78, he was buried on the 21st June 1888 in Norton-in-Hales.

After Thomas’s death, his son Thomas had taken over as head of the household living there with his family and widowed mother Margaret. Margaret died in July 1897 Norton in Hales aged 86 years old.

On the 1911 census, living here were William Wild a cowman on the farm aged 64, his wife Emma Wild aged 50 and their children; Robert Wild an assistant in the bread bakery aged 17, Thomas Wild aged 15. Harry Wild aged 12 and Emma Elizabeth Wild aged 8. In the Norton in Hales school records in 1907 it states that Thomas Wild was excluded from school by the headteacher on account of various mal practices and that in the headteachers opinion thought the boy mentally ill. It then went on to say a medical officer did not consider the boy ill and the boy was to be re-admitted to school. However on the 1911 census Thomas is not listed at school and a detail is included under infirmity in the margin.

1921 – Owen Woodrine 37, Ann Jane Woodrine 36 and Doris Woodrine 3

1949 – Joseph and Phyliss Herriman

Tudor Cottage, Norton-in-Hales, near Market Drayton. A beautifully situated, double-fronted, half-timbered country cottage situated in the village of Norton-in-Hales, 3 miles Market Drayton, 4 miles Woore and 16 miles from the Potteries. Main water and electricity. Containing: Livingroom (with inglenook), small sitting room, scullery, larder, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and outbuildings. Standing in its own garden containing .397 of an acre or thereabouts. 1965
The property occupies a most pleasant position on the outskirts of this pretty village in a quiet restful position, yet within easy motoring distance of Market Drayton, Newcastle and the Potteries. It has been carefully renovated to provide modern amenities without detracting from its old world appearance. Square entrance hall, clock room fitted with low-level W.C. suite and vanity unit, lounge (21ft 6in X 15ft 2in. Dining room, good sized kitchen, pantry, laundry, 2 bedrooms with fitted robes. Bathroom and W.C. Pebble driveway and turn about. The gardens approx 1/3 acre. 14th June 1968.

57 Main Road/ Drayton Road

4 rooms listed

1911 – Robert Smith aged 61, labourer on farm

In 1919 William Bloore married Mary Ann Smith nee Glassey. Prior to their marriage William Bloore had been living at number 38 and Mary Ann was at 42.

On the 1921 census listed are; William Bloore, gardener for Mr Dennis, Oakley, aged 64; his wife Mary Ann Bloore, aged 40; son Reginald Bloore, aged 2; step-son Frank Smith, gardener for Mr Dennis, Oakley, aged 19; step-son Thomas Smith, ploughman, aged 17; step-daughter Florrie Smith, aged 11; step-son Percy Smith, aged 9 and father-in-law William Glassey, aged 83.

William Bloore died in 1931 when he was 72 years old, he was buried at Norton in Hales on the 22nd August 1931.

1949 – George, Mary, Thomas Wickstead

58 Main Road/ Drayton Road

3 rooms listed in 1911

Alexander Lewis Shropshire born 1881 at Market Drayton to George and Elizabeth Shropshire. In 1909, Alexander married Harriet Morell of Audlem.

Children of Alexander and Harriet
Reginald James Shropshire (1910 – 1982)
Herbert Shropshire (1912 – 1987)

On the 1911 census listed are; Alexander Shropshire, farm waggoner, aged 30; his wife Harriet Shropshire, aged 38 and their son Reginald James Shropshire, aged 9 months.

By 1921 the family had moved to number 20.

1949 – Margaretta and Sarah Harrison

Norton Farm / 59 Drayton Road

10 rooms listed in 1911

On the 1827 sale records of the Norton and Bellaport estates, Norton Farm, along with other dwellings and land was rented to John Meakin. From the various meeting minutes that survive we know that John Meakin was an overseer of the poor in Norton in 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826.

In 1848 Thomas Benton b.1793 and his wife Lydia Rathbone became the tenants of Norton farm, from various causes he was unsuccessful and the tenancy was transferred to a Elizabeth Walley. Elizabeth Walley nee Croxon was born in 1786 at Wroxton, Cheshire in 1801 she married John Walley

On the 1851 census Elizabeth is listed as a widower and farmer of 100 acres, along with her daughter Caroline Walley b.1824, son Richard Walley b.1827 daughter Sarah Ellen Walley b.1829 and servants Elizabeth Chatterley b.1830, William Beatty b.1824 Michael Hembbard b.1827 John Clark b.1835.

On the 6th January 1857 Elizabeth’s daughter Caroline Walley married Henry Hickman Bennion, of Wybunbury, Cheshire at St Chad’s Church, Norton in Hales.

Sale of farming stock at Norton-in-Hales. Mr Jenkins and Mr B. Lakin respectfully announce that they are instructed by Mrs Walley, who is quitting the farm to sell by action on Tuesday the entire stock of dairy cows (calved and in-calf), young stock, team of waggon horses, pigs and the usual assortment of implements of husbandry. N.B - The dairy and brewing vessels and household furniture will be sold towards the latter end of April.

On the 1861 census Elizabeth, now a retired farmer aged 75 is living at Betton Wood Farm house with her daughter Caroline Bennion aged 37, son in law and head of the household Henry H Bennion aged 42, a farmer of 175 acres and her children Sarah E Walley aged 32 and son Richard Walley aged 34. Elizabeth died later that year.

John Eardley became the new tenant farmer, then owned by William Griffin, Brand Hall.

John Eardley, born at Bearstone in 1834, he was the second son of Daniel Eardley, and his wife Ann (formerly Miss Bourne, daughter of John Bourne of Rectory Farm, Mucklestone). When John came to Norton Farm, being unmarried he brought with him his sister Mary Ann Eardley b.1836 as housekeeper. In 1860 Mary married John Dunn of Willoughbridge Farm, so she was replaced by other sister Fanny Eardley b.1839. In 1862/3 she left Norton Farm to marry John Blockley. Finally before John married, another young sister Jane Eardley b.1842 came to be housekeeper. On the 8th September 1864 John Eardley married Fanny Broomfield.

Mr John Eardley

In 1894, John and Fanny went to live at Oak Cottage, Woore.

The new occupiers of Norton Farm after the Eardley’s were the Crewe family. John Crewe b.1859 at Coppenhall, Cheshire to Joseph and Jan Crewe. Aged 20, John married Elizabeth Jane Cooper b.1861. They had six children; Roland Philip b. 1881, Nellie b.1882, Frank b.1883, Hilda b.1885, John H Crewe b.1889 and Edith b.1894.

A Farmer’s Tragic Death – A sad fatality occurred on Monday at the village of Norton in Hales, near Market Drayton. Mr John Crewe, aged 43, an extensive Shropshire farmer and prominent agriculturist, was found lying dead on the high road, a short distance from his residence, while the conveyance, by the side of which a few minutes earlier he was observed walking, was discovered overturned not many yards beyond. How the fatality occurred will never probably be known, but from road-side indications at is reasonably conjectured that the horse had bolted and pulled one of the wheels over the unfortunate man’s neck and shoulders.

Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic, Saturday, May 11, 1901

Lost or unattributed Houses

Police Station – listed on the 1871 census. Police Constable Richard Dovey, 45 years old and his wife Elizabeth Dovey, dressmaker, 45 years old.

3rd October 1868 - Drunkeness - William Blantern, an old offender, was charged by Police constable Dovey with drunkenness at Norton, on the 29th of August - fined 5s and costs.
19 December 1868 - Highway Offence - James Joyce, alias Maloney, was fined 10s, including costs, for allowing his donkey and cart to remain in the road at Norton an unreasonable time without an attendant - Police constable Dovey proved the case.
5th August 1870 - Mr John Jones and Mr Daniel Eardley both farmer, living at Norton-in-Hales, were charged by Police constable Dovey with allowing pigs, their property to stray. Mr Jones was fined 20s., and Mr Eardley 13s. 4d., to include costs.
5th November 1870 - Carrying guns without a licence - William Leese, servant of Mr Duckers, of Ridwardine was charged with carrying a gun without a licence. Police constable Dovey stated that on the 4th, when the defendant was found by him with a gun, both he and his master admitted that they had no licence. Mr Walker of Wellington, on behalf of the defendant presented a license to Charles Duckers, dated the 3rd of October, which he pointed out authorized the defendant as a servant, to use a gun for the destruction of vermin. The case was dismissed.
3rd February 1871 - Poaching Prevention - Samuel Woodcook, labourer, of Woore, was summoned by Police constable Dovey for being on the 3rd in the possession of three rabbit nets, on the highway near Pipegate. The defendant, who did not appear, was fined £2, including costs.
8th November 1871 - PC Dovey (Stationed at Norton-in-Hales) charged Mr John Eardley, a highly-respectable farmer of the same village with having allowed two colts to stray upon the highway at Norton. It appeared that one of the colts was one that had been at let, and the other was one that had just been weaned. And it was shown on the part of the defendant that under the circumstances the animal were liable to be easily excited and would force themselves through fences which under ordinary circumstances would be amply sufficient. The magistrates not considering it a case for conviction dismissed the summons.