The Hinds Head

The Hinds Head aka Colville Arms 1900’s – Present day
The Griffin Arms Inn aka The Crescent and Anchor 1850’s – 1900’s
The Cotton Arms Inn aka The Hawk and Buckle before 1850’s

Early records show that the Hawk and Buckle public house was occupied by various members of the Bloore/Bloor family whilst it was owned by the Cotton family.

1766 – Richard Bloore, late of Saint Andrews, victualler, but also of Norton in Hales (from his last will and testament). Richard was married to Sarah and they had a son called Richard.

Abraham Bloore


1820s – Abraham Bloore

In the 1827 sale of land, The Hawk and Buckle public house, outbuildings, yards and gardens were in the occupation of Daniel Bloore.

In the Parish records for 1832 Mr Bloore was paid for ale, for members attending select vestries.

Daniel Bloore (senior) married Mary Underwood in 1763, their son Daniel Bloore (junior) married Mary Cokburne in 1803. Daniel and Mary had a daughter, Betsey Bloore who married Samuel Spragg of Norton-in-Hales in 1834.

For a short time the pub, now the Crescent and Anchor was occupied by Thomas Duckers and Ann nee Spragg, Betsey’s sister-in-law. The family left Norton and moved to Mucklestone.

By the autumn of 1851, Joshua and Martha Pimlett are running the pub.

Norton Association for the Prosecution of Felons. The annual meeting of this association, was held yesterday week, at Mr Pimlett's, the Anchor and Crescent Inn, when the members and friends dined together, under the able presidency of Mr Mate, the treasurer of the association, with Mr Johnson as vice-president. The entertainment was served up in the well known excellent style of the inn. After the usual loyal toasts, the following were proposed and drank - success to the Association - the Treasurer of the Association - Mr Lixdale Warren, the Solicitor of the Association - the Rev F Silver, the Rector of the Parish - Mr and Mrs Pimlett, and thanks for the good dinner, the Rev H Ker Cockburne - W C Norcop Esq - Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram Esq. The conviviality of the evening was enlivened with choice songs, and was kept up till a late hour. 29 July 1853

1861 Census – The Griffin Arms
Joshua Pimlett, Head, Age: 38, Occupation: Publican & Farmer 42 acres, Born: Market Drayton. Martha Pimlett, Wife, Age: 37, Born: Prees, Shropshire. Thomas J Pimlett, Son, Age: 12, Occupation: Scholar, Born: Market Drayton. George Frederick Pimlett, Son, Age: 10, Occupation: Scholar, Born: Market Drayton. Agnes M Pimlett, Daughter, Age: 7, Occupation: Scholar, Born: Norton-in-Hales. James B Pimlett, Son, Age: 5, Occupation: Scholar, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Mary Pimlett, Mother, Age: 68, Born: Rhodes, Suffolk. Lucy E Sergeant, Niece, Age: 4, Born: Market Drayton. Harriet Stubbs, Servant, Age: 17, Occupation: House Servant, Born: Tern Hill. Ellen Austin, Servant, Age: 21, Occupation: Dairy Maid, Born: Napley Heath. Samuel Huntbatch, Servant, Age: 28, Occupation: Farm Servant, Born: Acton, Cheshire

1863 Post Office Directory
Joshua Pimlett, Crescent & Anchor & Farriers
Insurance agent – Liverpool & London Fire and Life, Joshua Pimlett

1871 Census – The Griffin Arms Inn
Joshua Pimlett, Head, Age:48, Occupation: Farmer of 88 acres & Publican Born: Market Drayton. Martha Pimlett, Wife, Age:48, Born: Prees, Shropshire. George Frederick Pimlett, Son, Age:20, Occupation: Farm Servant, Born: Market Drayton. Agnes Mary Pimlett, Daughter, Age:17, Occupation: Innkeeper worker, Born: Norton-in-Hales. James Bayley Pimlett, Son, Age:14, Occupation: Innkeeper worker, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Eliza Maulkin, Servant, Age:17, Occupation: Domestic Servant, Born: Norton-in-Hales

A melancholy gloom overspread the minds of the inhabitants of the above parish and neighbourhood, at day break last Thursday, on the announcement of the sad news that Mr. Joshua Pimlett, of the "Griffin Arm's Inn" had suddenly expired at eleven o'clock the previous evening. The deceased had a serious attack of illness some months since and from the effects of which he partially rallied; bit it was too evident to those intimately acquainted with him that his strength was gradually waning. Consequently his apparent sudden death was not a great surprise to such and especially as it only verified the opinion previously expressed by his medical advisor. As a useful man in the parish and neighbourhood his place cannot be filled. Deservedly respected by all who know him, his name will ever be remembered in connections with acts of kindness and devotion to his neighbours' interests. As a man of strict integrity in business and genial disposition, and as conducting his house for many years in the most systematic and creditable manner possible. His skill also in the veterinary art was appreciated far and wide beyond the confines of his own parish. His removal therefore has left a dreary blank which time will not efface. The most profound sympathy is expressed towards the bereaved family. 8 Nov 1871

1881 Census – The Griffin Arms
Martha Pimlett, Head, Age: 58, Occupation: Innkeeper & Farmer of 37 acres employing 1 man, Born: Prees, Shropshire. George Frederick Pimlett, Son, Age: 30, Occupation: Farmers Son, Born: Market Drayton. Agnes Mary Pimlett, Daughter, Age: 27, Occupation: Farmers Daughter. Born: Norton-in-Hales. James Bayley Pimlett, Son, Age: 24, Occupation: Grocers Assistant (Unemployed), Born: Norton-in-Hales. Mary Ratcliffe, Servant, Age: 15, Occupation: Servant Domestic, Born: Woodseaves, Staffs.

1881 Census – John Bishop Jones, Head, Age: 35, Occupation: Brewer’s Traveller & Lic Victualler, Born: Whitchurch, Salop. Elizabeth Jones, Wife, Age: 34, Occupation: Pub Manageress, Born: Aston, Nantwich. William Bishop Jones, Son Age: 3, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Arthur George Jones, Son, Age: 1, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Dora Mulliner, Servant, Age: 22, Occupation: Servant, Born: Crewe, Cheshire. Kate Morrey, Servant, Age 15, Occupation: Servant. Born: Norton-in-Hales

1st October 1887 - On the application of Mr J B Jones the licence of the Griffins Arms Inn, Norton-in-Hales, was granted to him.

Return of Licensed Houses – 3rd June 1901. Hinds Head, Norton in Hales, Licensed grated over 90 years ago. Owner – H Kerr-Colville, Esq., Bellaport Hall. Occupier – John Bishop Jones. Rateable Value – £28 15s 0d. Accommodation – Bar and 4 rooms down. 4 up : accommodate 2 lodgers. Stabling for 8 horses by night and 10 by day. Condition of building – Good repair and clean. Nature of trade done – agricultural and roadside. Proximity to other licensed houses – 2.5 miles to White Lion Inn, Knighton, Staffs. Proximity to other dwelling houses – detached but in close proximity. Position of house with regard to police control – 4 miles from Constable’s Station.

1911 Census – The Hinds Head Inn
John Bishop Jones, Head, Age: 55, Occupation: Licensed Victualler, Born: Whitchurch, Salop. William Bishop Jones, Son, Age: 22, Occupation: Barman, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Arthur George Jones, Son, Age: 21, Occupation: Electrical Engineer, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Reginald Kent Bishop Jones, Son, Age: 18, Occupation: Motor Mechanic, Born: Norton-in-Hales. Kate Morrey, Servant, Age 36, Occupation Barmaid, Born: Norton-in-Hales.

The Jones Family
John Bishop Jones, born at Ash, near Whitchurch. He with his parents afterward moved to Market Drayton and in 1887 became the licensee of The Hinds Head which at that time was called the Griffin Arms. John was a familiar and well known figure around the area, having been the local representative for Messers Wilson’s Brewery Co, for a number of years. In his obituary he is described as “a reserved, well-read, deep-thinking man, with a fine sense of humour devoid of frivolity: a strong churchman: and a staunch Conservative of the old school.” He was also noted as a member of the Market Drayton Bowling Club. Following his marriage to Elizabeth Griffies in 1887, they had 3 sons William Bishop Jones b1889, Norton-in-Hales, Arthur George Jones b1890 and Reginald Kent Bishop Jones b1893.

In 1899 Elizabeth’s younger sister Alice married Christopher aka Charles Bruckshaw, the Blacksmiths son who lived at Central view (now known as the Old Post Office). In 1911 the Jones’s family are still residing at the Hinds Head, with William aged 22 working behind the bar, Arthur aged 21 was a Electrical Engineer and Reginald aged 18 was working as a Motor Mechanic. Sadly in 1912 William the eldest son died and less than 2 years later John Jones died aged 58 leaving behind his Widow Elizabeth and 2 sons. With the outbreak of WWI both Arthur and Reginald enlisted. Arthur described as 5ft 10” with dark brown hair, blue eyes and fresh complexion when he joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker. Reginald described as 6ft 1” Sandy hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion tried to join the Collstream Guards but was unsuccessful, later he joined the Royal Engineers. In 1916 Elizabeth Jones died. In 1917 presumably whilst at home on leave Reginald K B Jones married Doris Lucy Tompkinson. In 1918 Reginald Jones was sent to a convalescent camp in Thetford, on the 4th November aged 25 he died from the Influenza at a hospital in Brighton, he was buried less than a week later. Arthur remained in the village and in 1921 was living at 49 Chapel Lane.

1921 Census
By the 1921 census the Poole family are running the Hinds Head. Percy aged 51, Inn Keeper; Alice Pool aged 48, Home Duties; Aubry Mason Poole, aged 24, Late H. M. Forces and Joseph Percival Poole, aged 16, Clerk

Notes of interest:

“The manager of the Norton-in-Hales cockings is still remembered, namely, one John Boughey, who lived in a thatched cottage near the Hawk-and-Buckle, the popular name for the Cotton Arms Inn; and many an old man now living can discourse with gusto on the ‘cockings’ he witnessed in his youth.” c.1883. At the rear of the former Hawk and Buckle Inn, in Vale Street, Denbigh, also owned by the Cotton family. There once stood a cockpit, now re-erected at the Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagan’s, near Cardiff.