Norton-in-Hales Rectory Sale

Whilst at Norton-in Hales, the Reverend Frederick Silver (1821- 1884) formed a Picture Gallery and a Museum of antiquities and curiosities, which for twenty years prior to his death had attracted thousands of visitors. In 1885, Messers. Edwards were engaged to sell by public competition the contents of the Rectory, Picture Gallery and Museum. The auction took place over thirteen days:

  • Monday 26th January – Household Glass and China
  • Tuesday 27th January – Organ, Oak Furniture, Curiosities and Natural History Specimens
  • Wednesday 28th January – Curiosities, Natural History Specimens and China
  • Thursday 29th January – China Collection
  • Friday 30th January – Curiosities and Armour
  • Monday 2nd February – Engravings, Water Colours and Oil Paintings
  • Tuesday 3rd February – Shell, Plate and Linen
  • Wednesday 4th February – Coin, Jewellery, Medals and Autographs
  • Thursday 5th February – Drawing-room, Dining-room and Hall Furniture
  • Friday 6th February – Library, Music Room and Bedroom Furniture; Microscopes and Mounted Specimens
  • Monday 9th February – Bedroom Furniture and Outdoor Effects, Carriages, Birds in Aviary, Books, Various Volumes and odd lots of miscellaneous works.
  • Tuesday 10th February – Books
  • Wednesday 11th February – Books
  • Thursday 12th February – Books or any lots remaining unsold.

Here is a sample of the eclectic mix of lots, taken from the sale catalogue.

Lot 189 Printing press
Lot 193 Old carved oak pulpit from Norton-in-Hales Church before the restoration, with canopy
Lot 196 Old carved oak cabinet, date 1615
Lot 197 Moving panorama, “Scenes in New Zealand”, six views
Lot 215 A very fine mahogany case organ, with pipe front, beautiful mellow tone (built by J. W. Walker of London), with manual and one octave of pedals, six stops, including open and stop Diapason, Dulciana and Principal, the whole enclosed in general swell, to blow by hand or foot; suitable for a chamber or small church.

Lot 86 About fifteen tins of tripe, by Derby & Co
Lot 87 Seven tins of Russian caviar
Lot 94 Three tins of oysters

Lot 27 Dolly tub and peg

Lot 239 A blue silk slipper, said to have been worn by Queen Elizabeth
Lot 241 A boot; this boot belonging to Miss Mellor, afterwards Duchess of St. Albans, born at Market Drayton.

Lot 253 An ancient Egyptian alabaster vase with sphinx lid, very fine and perfect
Lot 278 Rushlight candlestick, about 100 years old
Lot 279 Two keys, a nail and two pieces of tile found during the restoration of Norton Church, about Edward III’s time
Lot 284 Cinder of nails from the fire of London, a rare relic and valuable

Lot 444 A piece of ribbon worn by Queen Marie Antoinette
Lot 492 A plaster presentation font, a present from the Hanley Ragged School
Lot 505 Telescope, by Dollond of London
Lot 592 Vase from Pompei, 2,000 years old
Lot 593 Old Roman bowl, about 2,00 years old, also Roman tile
Lot 598 Valuable Sevres plate, once the property of Louis XVI, painted with portraits of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette
Lot 837 A settee of stag antlers covered in super Utrecht velvet
Lot 852 Two Chippendale chairs, stuffed with hair in green cloth
Lot 860 Valuable circular table “Rouge Royal”, with inlaid coloured marble circular top, very valuable

Lot 701 Valuable large dinner service, nearly 80 years old, Crown Derby, comprising soup tureen and cover, two sauce tureens and covers, gravy dish and 16 flat dishes, 24 soup plates, 44 meat plates, 25 small plates and salad dish

Lot 924 Sword used by the Hon. Colonel Needham at the battle of Waterloo
Lot 926 Lord Clive’s sword, a valuable relic
Lot 952 Dagger from Bloor Heath.
Lot 982 Part of a Roman sword found in the Thames during the building of the Thames Embankment
Lot 1036 Cannon ball of Oliver Cromwell, found in this parish

Lot 1071 Mummy from Egypt, 3,000 years old

Lot 2053 Two stone pelicans
Lot 2056 Slate dog kennel
Lot 2060 Fine peacock
Lot 2069 Four hives of bees

Lot 2085 Park Phaeton (by Crutchley, of Market Drayton) from one or a pair, pole and shaft complete, lined with blue cloth
Lot 2086 Handsome Barouche, complete with lamp, pole and shaft (by Corben, London) lined with blue and yellow, painted dark blue picked out with yellow

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